This article is about the Lava Flow Mine distraction and diversion. For other geysers, see geyser (disambiguation).
Lava geyser

A Lava geyser.

Lava geysers are a Distraction and Diversion found while mining in the Lava Flow Mine. At random intervals averaging once every 45 minutes (with peaks of up to over an hour), a lava geyser appears in a random lava channel segment within the Lava Flow Mine. Mining one awards 500 experience per success; this experience is independent of the existing flow rate of the current segment. Each geyser can be mined 30 times when soloing, for a total of 15,000 experience.

All players that have completed Birthright of the Dwarves will receive a chat message notifying them that a lava geyser has appeared. When encountered, players have to cool the geyser down by casting water or ice spells on it. Solidification can occur rapidly when multiple players cast spells on the lava geyser. 

Magic abilities can also be used on the lava geyser whilst using Water and Ice spells.

Lava geyser (solidified)

A solidified Lava geyser.

When the lava geyser has been solidified, it can be mined by any amount of players, and when it shatters, it offers a chance of getting an Imcando pickaxe fragment. If the player has an Imcando pickaxe equipped or in their inventory that does not have full charges, they will gain 100 charges again. When you have all fragments in your inventory and no Imcando pickaxe, you get a duplicate of the fragment.

The lava geyser has 30,000 life points.

Since lava geysers are spawned randomly, they can also be used to train Mining. A player could hunt the geysers by quick-hopping. Depending on the amount of people using the same method at the same time as you do, experience rates of 100k to 150k per hour can be reached.

Trivia Edit

  • It appears there is a glitch where occasionally a geyser can be mined 31 times as opposed to the standard 30.