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Larupia fur detail

Larupia fur is an item obtained by hunting Spined larupias (requires Level 31 Hunter) in the Jungle hunter area. It can be used to create all pieces of Larupia hunter gear, as well as Spirit larupia pouches. Only the full Larupia fur may be used to make the headgear of Larupia hunter gear.


Although it can be used for any piece of Larupia hunter gear, Tatty larupia fur also works for the body and legs but drops more often and is far less expensive. As a result, players often only use the full fur for headdresses.

Larupia fur is much less expensive than its Graahk fur and Kyatt fur counterparts, despite the high demand for Larupia clothing for chinchompa hunting. This is possibly due to the lack of demand for Spirit Larupia pouches, as their teleport is less useful than the other two.

Players may receive larupia fur from opening a box of summoning ingredients, a possible reward from the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion, as well as from the gamble in Soul Wars or from looting a Spirit Impling.


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