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Large pouch detail

Large pouches are bags that can hold 9 rune essence or pure essence for use in the Runecrafting skill. This item requires level 50 Runecrafting to use and is a Members only item. This item is dropped by Abyssal monsters or can be bought from Wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild for 25,000 gold.

This is the third best Runecrafting pouch after the Giant pouch and Massive pouch exceeding the medium pouch and small pouch.

After it is used for the 31st and 40th time, this pouch will degrade and only hold 7 and 5 essence respectively. Further uses degrade the capacity even more. To repair the pouch so it can hold the maximum of nine essence again, you must speak to the dark mage located in the centre of the Abyss, who will repair your pouches for free, or Wizard Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild, who will repair your large pouch for 9000 coins if you aren't comfortable going into the abyss. However, you may use the spell NPC Contact in the Lunar Magic Book to contact the Dark Mage to have them repaired as well. Alternatively if you have unlocked the spell Repair Rune Pouch from the Livid Farm minigame (whilst on the Lunar Spellbook), you can repair your pouch for the cost of casting that spell, which would be approximately 1199 coins.

Dropping the pouch while it contains essences will result in those essences being lost. A message will pop up that tells the player: "The contents of the pouch fell out as you dropped it!". So if by example you drop a pouch or 2 when using the Wicked hood to get at least 25 essences at a time to make a faster run, don't forget to actually empty it before.

Many players tend to use this whilst at The Great Orb Project to store the essence they receive after a round ends. This is also vastly popular on World 36 for Nature Running when used with a medium and small pouch.


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Dropping monstersEdit

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here.
Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Abyssal guardian761Uncommon
Abyssal walker711Uncommon
Abyssal leech711Uncommon
  • Note: the pouch is only dropped if you do not already have one in your inventory or bank, and you have all the pouches below it. You do not need to have the Runecrafting level to use it.

Quest issuesEdit

During the quest Devious Minds a large pouch is used to hold a sphere and is then lost, therefore you will have to get another, although with the release of the Great Orb Project and the ability to buy pouches, this drawback has become less severe.

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