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Release date 13 December 2004 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location Castle Wars
Sells items In exchange for Castle Wars tickets
Gender Male
Examine He runs this place.
Lanthus location
Lanthus chathead

Lanthus is the custodian of the Castle Wars minigame and can be found standing in the lobby. He is a bearded man with a monocle and a large nose. He wears one of the Castle Wars reward capes. Besides exchanging silver and gold Castle Wars tickets for various prizes, Lanthus also informs people when a game has ended as well as teaching those new to Castle Wars about the game. Postie Pete will at times appear in the Castle Wars lobby and hold a brief conversation with Lanthus.

As of 17 November 2009, Ava's attractor, accumulator, and alerter can be taken to Lanthus for him to add their ammo retrieving ability to the cloaks used in the minigame. He can also be contacted via the NPC Contact spell to know when the next game of Castle Wars starts and how many players are on each team.


There are 3 tabs in Lanthus' shop: Decorative Armour, Consumables, and Miscellaneous.


Item Equivalent Cost
Castle wars manual Castle wars manual N/A Free
Cw super attack potion (4) Melee potion set 1 Super Attack, 1 Super Strength, 1 Super Defence, 1 Super Energy 1 silver ticket
Cw super magic potion (4) Magic potion set 1 Magic Essence, 1 Super Defence, 1 Super Energy 1 silver ticket
Cw super ranging potion (4) Ranged potion set 1 Ranged potion, 1 Super Defence, 1 Super Energy 1 silver ticket
Castle wars flag cape Castle Wars flag cape Normal cape with +1 Magic bonus 2 silver Tickets
Castle wars kills cape Castle Wars kills cape Normal cape with +1 Magic bonus 2 silver Tickets
Castle wars hobbyist cape Castle Wars hobbyist cape Normal cape with +1 Magic bonus 2 silver Tickets
Castle wars enthusiast cape Castle Wars enthusiast cape Normal cape with +1 Magic bonus 2 silver Tickets
Castle wars professional cape Castle Wars professional cape Normal cape with +1 Magic bonus 2 silver Tickets
Ballista base Ballista base N/A 2 silver tickets
Ballista bolt stack Ballista bolt stack N/A 2 silver tickets
Ballista bow Ballista bow N/A 2 silver tickets
Ballista ammo Ballista ammo N/A 4 silver tickets
Saradomin team hood Saradomin Hood - 10 silver tickets
Saradomin team cape Saradomin Cloak Normal cape 10 silver tickets
Zamorak team hood Zamorak Hood - 10 silver tickets
Zamorak team cape Zamorak Cloak Normal cape 10 silver tickets
Basic decorative helm Basic decorative helm Steel helm 4 silver tickets
Basic decorative shield Basic decorative shield Steel kiteshield 6 silver tickets
Basic decorative platelegs Basic decorative platelegs Steel platelegs 6 silver tickets
Basic decorative platebody Basic decorative platebody Steel platebody 8 silver tickets
Basic decorative sword Basic decorative sword Steel longsword 5 silver tickets
Detailed decorative helm Detailed decorative helm Mithril helm 40 gold tickets
Detailed decorative shield Detailed decorative shield Mithril kiteshield 60 gold tickets
Detailed decorative platelegs Detailed decorative platelegs Mithril platelegs 60 gold tickets
Detailed decorative platebody Detailed decorative platebody Mithril platebody 80 gold tickets
Detailed decorative sword Detailed decorative sword Mithril longsword 50 gold tickets
Intricate decorative helm Intricate decorative helm Adamant helm 400 gold tickets
Intricate decorative shield Intricate decorative shield Adamant kiteshield 600 gold tickets
Intricate decorative platelegs Intricate decorative platelegs Adamant platelegs 600 gold tickets
Intricate decorative platebody Intricate decorative platebody Adamant platebody 800 gold tickets
Intricate decorative sword Intricate decorative sword Adamant longsword 500 gold tickets
Profound decorative helm Profound decorative helm Rune helm 650 gold Tickets
Profound decorative platebody Profound decorative platebody Rune Platebody 1100 gold Tickets
Profound decorative platelegs Profound decorative platelegs Rune Platelegs 800 gold Tickets
Profound decorative shield Profound decorative shield Rune Kiteshield 800 gold Tickets
Profound decorative sword Profound decorative sword Rune Longsword 800 gold Tickets
Faithful shield Faithful shield Adamant kiteshield with a +5 prayer bonus 200 gold Tickets
Guthix halo Guthix halo N/A 300 gold Tickets
Saradomin halo Saradomin halo N/A 300 gold Tickets
Zamorak halo Zamorak halo N/A 300 gold Tickets

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