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Release date 8 December 2009 (Update)
Race Human
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location Ancient Cavern
Sells items? Slayer shop
Gender Female
Examine She looks incredibly strong.
Notable features Master of Slayer
Kuradal location
Kuradal chathead

Kuradal is the second highest level Slayer Master, the daughter of Duradel, and the current holder and seller of the Slayer cape. She is found in the Ancient Cavern, which requires barbarian training to access. Players need at least 75 Slayer and 110 combat to obtain a slayer assignment from her. She keeps many of the monsters she assigns in a nearby dungeon. The easiest way to reach her is by using a ferocious ring, which teleports directly to Kuradal and may be obtained as a drop from any of the monsters located in her dungeon. Alternatively, she may be reached through the fairy ring network using the code B•J•Q. However, this fairy ring must first be repaired using 5 bittercap mushrooms.

In Festival of the Dead, she revealed that she would go out at night to slay tougher and tougher creatures to surpass her father when she was a child. She also completed many preparations to bring her father and mother back together before Duradel's death.

Slayer pointsEdit

Successfully completing a Slayer assignment confers an amount of Slayer reward points depending on how many tasks have been successfully completed in a row. After the Smoking Kills quest the amount is doubled. Completion of a task assigned by Kuradal after completing Smoking Kills will grant:

  • 18 Slayer points for a normal task
  • 90 for every 10th task
  • 270 for every 50th task

This means that an average of 28.8 points are earned per task in each 50-task set.


Monster Number of kills Combat level Slayer experience Required Slayer level Weakness Weighting
Aberrant spectres 140-250 104 109 60 Thrown weakness icon Thrown
(Slayer tower)
Arrow weakness icon Arrows
(Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon)
Abyssal demons [1] 150-250 140 291 85 Slash weakness icon Slash
Airuts [1] 125-150 175 800 92 Zero weakness icon Nothing
Ascension members 100-125 120 (Rorarius), 130 (Gladius), 150 (Capsarius/Scutarius), 175 (Legiones) 147.5/231/409.5/1922 81/95 Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Automatons 65-80 165 655.5 67 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
(Automaton Guardian)
Crush weakness icon Crush
(Automaton Tracer)
Arrow weakness icon Arrows
(Automaton Generator)
Aviansies 100-200 128, 132, 136, 210/146(Kree'arra and guards) 179, 2261, 209, 161, 150 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
(aviansies), Zero weakness icon Nothing
(Kree'arra and guards)
Aquanites [2] 120-240 136 109 78 Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Black demons 190-250 140 309 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
Black dragons 40-90 100 (baby black), 144 (black), 120 (King Black Dragon), 220 (Queen Black Dragon) 257.6 , 1,104.5, 1780 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
(baby/regular dragons), Zero weakness icon Nothing
Bloodveld 180-250 88, 98, 132 (Godwars dungeon), 130 & 136(Mutated) 38.6, 88.4, 197, 216, 239.6 50 Thrown weakness icon Thrown
Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Blue dragons [1] 120-200 106 98.2 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
Celestial dragons 125-150 182 976.3 1 Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Dagannoth 170-240 See Dagannoth article See Dagannoth article 1 See Dagannoth article 10
Dark beasts [1] 150-250 150, 130 (Revenant) 348.2, 140 90 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
, Zero weakness icon Nothing
(Revenant dark beast)
Desert strykewyrms 90-160 148 316.8 77 Stab weakness icon Stab
Dust devils 150-250 122 202.5 65 Crush weakness icon Crush
Fire giants 170-250 122 169 1 Slash weakness icon Slash
Ganodermic creatures 70-90 160 593, 692 95 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Gargoyles [1] 150-250 134 207.4 75 Water weakness icon Water spells
Glacors [3] 50-70 112 1888 1 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Greater demons [1] 150-250 118 , 210/146(K'ril Tsutsaroth and Tstanon Karlak) 142, 1849.5, 209, 161, 150 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
(regular), Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Grifolapine 65-80 148 293.4 88 Water weakness icon Water spells
Grifolaroo 65-80 154 340.5 82 Earth weakness icon Earth spells
Grotworms 80-160 40, 80, 120 12, 28, 360.5 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
Hellhounds [1] 130-230 132, 136 (God Wars Dungeon) 98.6, 218 1 Water weakness icon Water spells
(God Wars Dungeon)
Slash weakness icon Slash
Ice strykewyrms [4] 100-220 152 485.6 93 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Iron dragons [1] 40-120 140 257.2 1 Water weakness icon Water spells
Jungle strykewyrms 90-130 134 185.6 73 Stab weakness icon Stab
Kal'gerion demons 54-100 180 1858.8 90 Zero weakness icon Nothing
Kalphites 170-250

Regular: 84, 94, 104, 200(Kalphite Queen)

Exiled: 108, 120, 120, 140, 140, 200(Exiled Kalphite Queen), 230(Kalphite King)

Regular: 62, 78.8, 99.8, 1347

Exiled: 110, 147, 147, 240, 240, 2055, 14,332.5

1 See Kalphites page 5
Living rock creatures 110-185 132, 136 98, 320 1 Water weakness icon Water spells
Crush weakness icon Crush
Mithril dragons 20-35 160 593 1 Earth weakness icon Earth spells
Muspah [5] 120-150 150 784 76 Zero weakness icon Nothing
Mutated jadinko 160-220 134, 138, 144 98.6, 188.4, 209.6 80, 86, 91 Stab weakness icon Stab
Nechryael 140-220 138 264.6 80 Crush weakness icon Crush
Nihil [5] 40-90 160 564 76 Magic weakness icon Magic
Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Melee weakness icon Melee
Skeletal Wyverns 40-90 156 537 72 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Spiritual mages 150-240 140 229 83 Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Bolt weakness icon Bolts
(Armadyl, Bandos and Saradomin)
Steel dragons [1] 40-100 144 350 1 Water weakness icon Water spells
Suqahs 50-100 105 49.8 1 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Terror dogs 60-70 88, 94 69, 79 40 Slash weakness icon Slash
TzHaar 70-110 124 81 1 Water weakness icon Water spells
(TzHaar-Ket and TzHaar-Hur)
Slash weakness icon Slash
Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Tormented demons [6] 40-60 119 1136 1 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
(melee), Bolt weakness icon Bolts
(magic), Stab weakness icon Stab
TzHaar Fight Cave creatures (Slayer Challenge) aka "Volcanic creatures" 280 22, 45, 90, 108, 180, 360, 702 25,000 (TzTok-Jad) 1 See Fight Cave. 0
Vyrewatch [7] 90-130 100, 104, 108, 112, 124, 130 45.4, 49.8, 54.8, 60.6, 81.0, 93.8 31 Thrown weakness icon Thrown
(only blisterwood weapons can cause damage.)
Warped tortoises 150-240 104 99.8 56 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
requires crystal chime in inventory
Waterfiends 170-250 107 335 1 Bolt weakness icon Bolts
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i These monsters are found in her dungeon.
  2. ^ You must purchase the ability to be assigned aquanites using 50 Slayer reward points.
  3. ^ Only after completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat and paying 50 Slayer points to toggle it on.
  4. ^ Players need to own a fire cape or TokHaar-Kal (equipped, in player-owned house, in bank, or in inventory) or have purchased the ability to get an ice strykewyrm Slayer task for 2,000 Slayer points. Players must also have completed The Tale of the Muspah. Dropping all fire capes before obtaining a new task and picking them up afterwards can avoid this assignment.
  5. ^ a b You must have completed Fate of the Gods and purchased the ability to assign them using 50 Slayer points.
  6. ^ Only after finishing While Guthix Sleeps and paying 50 Slayer points to toggle it on.
  7. ^ Only after finishing The Branches of Darkmeyer quest.


The chance to be given a certain assignment is calculated from a weighting system. Each assignment has as specific weighting (different per Slayer Master). To calculate the percentage chance of obtaining a slayer task, you have to add up all the weightings for assignments you can have access to that aren't blocked from the table above.
Then the formula to calculate the percentage chance to get a certain assignment is: Y = (A/B) \times 100

  • A = The weighting of the assignment you want to calculate.
  • B = the total weighting of the tasks you can be assigned added up.
  • Y = The percentage chance a particular assignment has to appear.

Slayer ChallengeEdit

Kuradal will occasionally offer a special task in place of a regular Slayer task (Note: a player needs to accept the challenge right away, as there are no options to "swap" your task for the challenge if you talk to her after she has given you the task). The player can decline to take the special task without penalty. If the player accepts the special task, completing the task:

  • Earns extra Slayer experience.
  • Earns Slayer reward points, if the player has completed the Smoking Kills quest.
  • Counts as a task for the player's consecutive task count, which is used for Slayer reward points.

Kuradal's special task is for the player to slay 280 volcanic creatures of the Fight Caves in place of a regular task of slaying TzHaar. Only creatures killed in the TzHaar Fight Cave count for this special task. The number of Fight Cave monsters Kuradal assigns is always just enough to clear the entire Fight Caves activity once, including killing 2 waves of 4 healers during the fight with TzTok-Jad. During this task, the player is rewarded 25,000 extra Slayer experience if they kill TzTok-Jad. Killing all 280 monsters in the Fight Cave grants 50,000 Slayer experience, adding up to 76,500 Slayer experience.

Slayer capeEdit

Kuradal sells the Slayer Cape of Accomplishment to any player who has achieved level 99 Slayer for 99,000 coins. Previously, Duradel (or Lapalok) sold the cape.


Kuradal statspy

Kuradal using Stat Spy on a player.


Kuradal casting magic.

Kuradal hitting

The old version of Kuradal's magic.

  • Before her official release, she appeared randomly in various slayer locations since 3 December 2009 using an unknown teleport. She used the Stat Spy spell while saying "Hmm... you'll be coming with me." and Monster Examine while saying "Hmm, interesting ..." She was spotted at the aberrant spectres, abyssal demons, bloodveld, blue dragons, dagannoth, dark beasts, gargoyles, green dragons, hellhounds, steel dragons and greater demons.
  • Some of the Slayer monsters in Kuradal's Dungeon periodically try to leave, but she kills them in a single hit. When speaking with her through NPC Contact, she may end the call prematurely with "Hold on, something's just come out of the dungeon. Call me back in a second, I've got to go!"
  • Unlike other Slayer Masters, Kuradal says "Hello" instead of "'Ello", although when contacted by NPC Contact she will say "'Ello". However, she addresses players with 99 Slayer with "Heya".
  • When talking to Kuradal after The Ritual of the Mahjarrat, she admits she was at the fight against the Mahjarrat's minions but she chased one of the Mahjarrat inside the cave in which the Stone of Jas stood in the quest. Inside the cave, she killed a couple hundred glacors, but she remains upset that she wasn't able to kill Lucien herself. She is seen crying over Lucien's body in the final cutscene.
  • After Ritual of the Mahjarrat, Kuradal also mentions that she may attempt to capture a few Dragonkin for Slayer training.
  • During Father Joakim's commemorative event for her father Duradal, Kuradal remarks that she "would have loved to get mother and father back together again" and had "made all the preparations" but never got the chance; it is as yet unknown who her mother was. She also remarked that as a child she and her father would compete to see who could slay more monsters, with her being determined to surpass him.

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