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Koftik is an agent of King Lathas who features heavily in the Underground Pass quest. He is also featured in Plague's End where he turns his back on King Lathas and joins the revolution to liberate West Ardougne of the Mourners.

In the quest, he is a guide through the pass, teaching people how to make fire arrows to lower a bridge, for example.

When spoken to in most of his locations he will provide the player with some food because "it is a dangerous area." You may have to wait for some time before he will give food again if you've already taken some.

During the quest, he slowly starts to lose his mind due to Lord Iban's influence and started the process to deteriorate into a half-soulless. However this doesn't happen, once Iban is destroyed he regains his sanity and can be found in the room of the Well of Voyage, as well as his other designated areas in the pass throughout the quest.

During Plague's End, he is one of the revolutionists of West Ardougne. He claims he knew the Plague was a hoax, and said he would side with the player and others against King Lathas if he had to. He is no longer an agent after King Lathas' death but still helps the player in the Underground pass.

After the revolution, he attempts to set up tours into Underground Pass, but the tours are expectedly met with a low turnout.



  • If you talk to him with a Mourner set on, he says "I work for no Mourner. I work for the King."

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