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Knight (Conquest)
Release date 25 August 2010 (Update)
Movement 4
Damage 300
Health 300
Range 4
Cost 100
Description Both stoic and powerful, the Knight can hold the line against hordes of lesser foes.
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Knights are one of the best units in Conquest. They can be used as a good defensive unit, as much as a foot soldier, so they can likewise hold a defensive position. But they have the advantage of 300 attack, allowing them to rip apart any unit apart from a champion from its initial state (and due to the recent update, a Battle Cry would help kill off a champion as well). They can also be used as a substitute for a champion in the "Devastation" tactic (see Conquest/Strategies).

These are good all round troups, much like the halberdier, and at only 100 command points each can prove a worthy addition to many an army.

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