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King Vallance is the official ruler of Asgarnia and the father of Crown Prince Anlaf and great uncle of Miazrqa.


After the death of his forebearer, Vallance inherited a kingdom with two major political rivals; the Black Knights and the White Knights. During his reign, Falador saw the continued prosperity that the previous king had established. However, when he grew old and ill, central authority began to weaken and the once controlled political rivalry between both parties turned for the worst when the White Knights gained political supremacy and declared that the Kinshra no longer had power in Asgarnia. This lead to a cold war and subsequently, an invasion by the Black Knights which climaxed in the Siege of Falador in the year 164 of the Fifth Age. Although the invasion failed, political tensions remain to this very day, with both sides plotting in their fortresses to end the other once and for all.

Since then, he has not been seen for many years in public. Sir Vyvin claims that the White Knights are helping Vallance rule because he is getting "old and tired". Sir Amik Varze, the current leader of the White Knights, rules in his place.

However, if the player talks to Denulth in Burthorpe after completing Troll Stronghold, he will tell the player that the White Knights took control of the 'old and weak king', which refers to King Vallance. This gave rise to suspicions and theories, one of them being the White Knights not telling the complete truth, and potentially murdering or imprisoning him in order to gain full control of Falador.


  • He, his son Prince Anlaf, and the Pharaoh of Menaphos, are the few unseen rulers in game. King Tyras was an unseen ruler before his death. The Emir of Al-Kharid used to be an unseen ruler as well until the massive Al-Kharid rework.
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Eventually King Raddallin King of Asgarnia Sir Amik Varze (unofficial)

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