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King Neitiznot
Release date Not released in-game
Race Fremennik Human
Members only N/A
Quest NPC No
Location N/A
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine N/A
Notable features Founder of Neitiznot

King Neitiznot was the brother of King Jatizso and founder of Neitiznot, a small farming community found on a small island in the Lunar Sea. Neitiznot was a bitter enemy of his brother, and both were eventually banished by the Fremennik people for their constant fighting. Note that Neitiznot and Jatizso are twin islands.

Family treeEdit

(some generations (2-4))
Gjuki Sorvott I
Mrs. Sorvott
Gjuki Sorvott II
Mrs. Sorvott
Gjuki Sorvott III
Mrs. Sorvott
Mrs./Mr. Burowgar
Gjuki Sorvott IV
Mawnis Burowgar
Mrs. Burowgar (dead)
Mr. Burowgar (dead)
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Position created Leader of Neitiznot Eventually Mawnis Burowgar

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