King Bolren chathead

King Bolren is the King of the Tree Gnome Village. He plays a large role in the Tree Gnome Village quest, asking for you to recover the Orbs of protection to help protect his people, and maybe stop the endless war with General Khazard's army. During the quest, agents of Khazard break into the village and kill his family. He is a possible customer (a hard order) in the Gnome Restaurant minigame and players must speak to him for the treasure trail anagram 'Goblin Kern'. Bolren is also involved in the quest The Path of Glouphrie. He is the brother of Bolrie.

Gnome RestaurantEdit

The amounts of the rewards are incomplete and are being updated with the variable range of the items given.





  • According to Golrie, Bolren is Bolrie's younger brother, making Golrie Bolren's grandnephew.
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Unknown (was once Bolrie) Leader of the Tree Gnome Village Incumbent

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