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King may refer to:

Living characters
  • King Arthur, the leader of the knights of the round table, who can be found in Camelot Castle
  • King Awowogei, the monkey king of Ape Atoll
  • King Bolren, the king of the tree village gnomes
  • The Fisher King, the king of the Fisher Realm, who is involved in the Holy Grail quest
  • King Gjuki Sorvott IV, the current ruler of the Fremennik island settlement of Jatizso
  • King Lathas, the current king of East Ardougne
  • King Narnode Shareen, the king of gnomes, found on the ground floor of the Grand Tree
  • King Roald III, the current ruler of Misthalin, who lives in Varrock Palace
  • King Vallance, the official ruler of Asgarnia, and the father of Crown Prince Anlaf
  • King Vargas, the king of the island of Miscellania
  • King Tyras, the king of West Ardougne, killed during the Regicide quest
  • King Veldaban, the ex-Black Guard who was able to gain a monarchy position within the dwarven city
  • King Drunken Dwarf III, Veldaban's successor if Veldaban is killed during Birthright of the Dwarves
  • King Thoros, King Lathas' successor
Deceased characters
  • King Alvis, a former king of Keldagrim who passed away roughly 500 years ago
  • King Argenthorg, the son of King Healthorg, and was eventually succeeded by King Narnode Shareen
  • King Ascertes, the Icyene king of the "Hallowed Land", an ancient civilization located in what is now the swamplands of Morytania
  • Baxtorian, a powerful Elven king of the Fourth Age
  • King Botolph, a former king of Varrock who is known to have held the throne during the years 17 through 19 of the Fifth Age
  • King Claudius, who was once a ruler of Varrock some time in the Fourth Age
  • King Gjuki Sorvott III, the fourth king of Jatizso, and the father of the island's current ruler
  • King Healthorg, the king that lead the gnomes through their golden age during the Fourth Age
  • King Raddallin, a former king of Asgarnia, the founder of modern Falador, father of King Vallance and grandfather of Prince Anlaf
  • King Roald I, a former king of Misthalin, and the grandfather of King Roald III, Misthalin's current king
  • King Roald II, a former king of Misthalin who ruled around the years 120-150 of the Fifth Age, and was the present king's father
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