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Release date 11 March 2008 (Update)
Race Human
Members only Yes
Quest NPC Kennith's Concerns
Location Witchaven
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine A little girl.
She looks terrified.
Kimberly location
Kimberly chathead

Kimberly is a human girl who is involved with the Kennith's Concerns quest. She was initially a friend of Kennith, but by the end of Kennith's Concerns, the two have parted on unfavourable terms, mainly due to her losing his toy train.

Players can find her in the northern-most building in Witchaven. After completing Kennith's Concerns, players can find her along with her parents, Katherine and Clive, at the end of the mines under Witchaven dungeon.



  • After completing Salt in the Wound and talking to her, Kimberly will mention the sea slugs and that they may be gone soon. The player responds "perhaps they're already gone."

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