Khazard and Lucien icon

General Khazard and Lucien are fought together as a duo as an X1 boss in the Dominion Tower, requiring Ritual of the Mahjarrat in order to be unlocked. As in the quest, Wahisietel aids by attacking Khazard, killing Bouncer and distracting Lucien.

At the start of the fight, only General Khazard appears, but once he is defeated, Lucien appears and summons four Enhanced ice titans. Like in the quest, Wahisietel fights Lucien, leaving players to deal with the titans. Once the titans are defeated, Lucien summons two Ice demons. After they are defeated, the fight ends.

Image Name Combat level Life points Attack style(s)
General Khazard (skeletal) General Khazard 105 45,000 Magic
Bouncer (ghost) Bouncer (killed by Wahisietel) 91 7000 Typeless
Lucien (skeletal) Lucien (cannot be fought) 109 46,800 Magic
Enhanced ice titan Enhanced ice titan (x4) 140 21,000 Melee and Magic
Icedemon Ice demon (x2) 140 15,000 Ranged and Magic

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