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Kharid-ib detail

The Kharid-ib, which loosely translates to "The Heart of the Sun", is a large diamond which is first in the possession of the Emir Shah's treasure vault. Lady Keli seeks the Kharid-ib and attempts to get it as ransom by kidnapping Prince Ali.

In Diamond in the Rough, Osman hints that there is a real and a fake Kharid-ib. The fake is on display to catch any thieves, while the real -ib is hidden within the Heavy weight the player uses on the Scale of Het. The Kharid-ib will emit a high pitched tone when it is near the presence of a sundial of Het, Crondis, Apmeken, and Scabaras.

It also appears to house the consciousness of a powerful being. Several times when Ozan and the adventurer have the gem, it will temporarily take control of other people, and implore the two to return the gem to Al Kharid. Those through which the Kharid-ib speak have no memory of ever being controlled.

Amascut's dialogue in Diamond in the Rough states that she feels she's been searching for this all her life, noting it is small, hard, and cold.

Het scales

The guarding mechanism of the diamond.

When asked in a Lore Campfire "What exactly is the Kharid-Ib?" Mod Osborne replied: "Mod Rowley would hate it if I revealed this. It's important. Very important."[source needed], and it was later stated to not be an elder artefact.[1]

In a Letter signed 'Pontifex Bilrach' found in the Empty Throne Room, it is revealed that the Kharid-Ib was in the possession of the Mahjarrat Temekel until stolen by Bilrach and Lucien. It also has the power to resurrect the dead as zombies.

Audio options icon
The diamond speaking through Apep and Heru.


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