Khanoka is an island in The Pincers region of the Wushanko Isles. It is the diplomatic capital of the Eastern Lands, and the site of the Halls of Reckoning. Khanoka is currently at war with New Heritage.


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  • In A Friend Indeed, the player may befriend the khan of Khanoka's son, situated in the Palace of Khans.
  • In Gangplanks and Cannons, the player may send a ship to board the khan of Khanoka's prize ship, the Green Star, and claim the goods on board.
  • In Siege Mentality, the player may maintain a siege on the Jade Gates located on Khanoka's frontier while flying the colours of New Heritage.
  • In Sign It in Blood, the player forms an alliance with the khan of Khanoka to secure continued access to the region, at least until the player breaks the treaty.
  • In The Forgotten Scrolls, the Missionary has found a Zamorakian preacher with a part of the scroll. The player may send him to disrupt a sermon and grab the scroll.
  • In Smuggling Job, the player may smuggle weapons to the khan of Khanoka's forces within New Heritage.
  • In Supply and Demand, an opportunity arises to trade New Heritage's secrets to the khan of Khanoka for quantities of stainless steel.

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