Keldagrim north mine
Keldagrim north mine
Release date 9 September 2009 (Update)
Also known as North Keldagrim mine
Location North of Keldagrim Library
Members Yes
Monsters None
Requirements Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf
Main music Unknown edit
Keldagrim north mine map

The Keldagrim north mine is a mine owned by the dwarf Dondakan. The site, which was bought by Dondakan after he found the Arzinian Mine, is one of several accessible mining sites found in Keldagrim, the dwarven capital city. It is guarded by Thak. After the completion of Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest, he grants the player permission to use it in reward for helping to defend the southern mines from chaos dwarves.

The mine is notable for its abundance of adamantite and gold rocks. It also has two of the relatively few runite rocks in RuneScape, both of which are closer to a bank than in any other mine. Therefore the rune ore is rarely left spawned, as rune miners often time the spawns and wait for the ore to spawn in anticipation.

This mining spot is also a reasonable distance from the Keldagrim bank (about a 10 - 15 second run), thus making it a desirable spot for higher levelled miners and more experienced questing players.

To minimise the run energy drain, players may wear weight-reducing equipment, such as spotted or spottier cape, boots of lightness, penance gloves, agile top and legs. To maximise experience over time, players should consider wearing Varrock armour 3/4.