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A Keen deathslinger is a familiar that can be summoned within Daemonheim. It requires a Summoning level of 32 to make. While summoned, this deathslinger has a passive ability that grants the player an invisible 4% boost to their ranged defence.

Keen deathslinger pouchEdit


Keen deathslinger pouch is made by using a Green charm and two Utuku Branches at a obelisk. Making the pouch earns 70.4 experience points, and cost 4 Summoning points.

Poisonous shot (tier 4) ScrollEdit


The Poisonous shot scroll enables the use of the Poisonous Shot special ability for a Keen deathslinger. Using a Keen deathslinger pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates ten Keen deathslinger scrolls.

Poisonous ShotEdit

Poisonous Shot is the special move of the Keen deathslinger activated by using a Poisonous Shot scroll. It deals an attack that is 50% more accurate, deals greater damage, and can poison the target.


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