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This article is about the Dungeoneering character. For the knight, see Sir Kay.
Kay Thanxby chathead

Kay Thanxby is a warrior featured in the Vengeance Fremennik saga. She is controlled by the character in the first part of the saga. In the second part, she can be defeated by the player playing as the The Forgotten Warrior. She takes on the role of a boss. She is combat level 95 when fought, and drops nothing.

Defeating her is one of the most difficult fights, as there is no "ruthless" way to kill her with tricks. She attacks with her Gorgonite 2h sword on crush, which is fairly accurate. She sometimes teleports with a call of "Catch me if you can!" and casts some magic. If she is attacked quickly after she teleports the player may do lots of damage. She wears a Gorgonite platebody and Gorgonite plateskirt, but does not appear to have as much defence as the armour would suggest.

When defeated, The Forgotten Warrior decides her fate depending on the warrior's ruthlessness. She could be killed outright, tortured to death or spared, making her the only one of the party of four to have a chance of surviving the Warrior's vengeance. The Forgotten Warrior believes that she murdered a group of children although it is later shown to be a hallucination.


  • The name "Kay Thanxby" is a reference to "Kthxbai" (Ok, thanks, bye). Like the other characters in this Saga, she lives up to this name, though instead of using it during dialogue she references it with her teleportation trick.

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