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Katagon equipment (Tier 8) is the fourth strongest melee equipment found while Dungeoneering. It is particularly popular amongst mid-high level meleers as players tend to leave their attack and defence levels at level 70/75 (for the abyssal whip, godswords, barrows equipment and other popular combat items) and instead favour strength training over attack/defence in combat outside of the dungeoneering setting.

You must have 70 attack to wield the weapons, 70 strength to wield the maul, and 70 defence to equip the armour. Having 90+ in attack, and defence will make katagon items appear at the starting room.

To smith all pieces of Katagon, you need at least 79 Smithing and 70 Mining to mine the ore.

Katagon weaponsEdit

Katagon dagger Katagon dagger
Katagon warhammer Katagon warhammer
Katagon rapier Katagon rapier
Katagon longsword Katagon longsword
Katagon battleaxe Katagon battleaxe
Katagon spear Katagon spear
Katagon maul Katagon maul
Katagon 2h sword Katagon two-handed sword
Katagon arrows 1 Katagon arrows

Katagon ArmourEdit

Katagon chain armour set (sk) (male) equipped
Katagon full helm Katagon full helm
Katagon platebody Katagon platebody
Katagon chainbody Katagon chainbody
Katagon platelegs Katagon platelegs
Katagon plateskirt Katagon plateskirt
Katagon gauntlets Katagon gauntlets
Katagon kiteshield Katagon kiteshield
Katagon boots Katagon boots


Katagon arrowheads 4 Katagon arrowtips
Katagon hatchet Katagon hatchet
Katagon pickaxe Katagon pickaxe

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