Karma the chameleon
Karma the chameleon 1
Release date 23 December 2008 (Update)
Race Chameleon
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Falador Party Room
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Party Pete's pet.
Karma the chameleon location
Karma the chameleon chathead

Karma the chameleon is Party Pete's pet chameleon. According to Pete, he received Karma as a Christmas present one year. Pete claims that Karma keeps the Party Room free of flies, and that he loves watching him dance.

He can be spoken to by players with 99 Summoning if they boost to level 100 via a Summoning cape. He doesn't say much, but like Pete himself, he claims to enjoy parties.




  • Since the Summoning level required for players to have a Chameleon as a pet is 90, this would imply that Party Pete would also have a Summoning level of at least 90. As he claims to not be able to understand Karma, that would also mean that his level is lower than 99, or that he at least lacks a Summoning cape.
  • The name "Karma the Chameleon" is a reference to British band Culture Club's 1983 song Karma Chameleon.