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Karamja Tasks
Karamja Tasks
Release date 8 May 2007 (Update)
Area(s) Karamja (including Kharazi Jungle), TzHaar City and Crandor
Members only? Yes
Reward Gloves
Lamp XP rewards 1,000
30,000 +
2x 55,000
Taskmasters Pirate Jackie the Fruit, Kaleb Paramaya, Jungle forester
Total level: 1371
Attack-icon 20 Constitution-icon ---- Mining-icon 52
Strength-icon 60 Agility-icon 74 Smithing-icon 54
Defence-icon 65 Herblore-icon 65 Fishing-icon 65
Ranged-icon 60 Thieving-icon 60 Cooking-icon 80
Prayer-icon 55 Crafting-icon 61 Firemaking-icon 49
Magic-icon 75 Fletching-icon 25 Woodcutting-icon 55
Runecrafting-icon 91 Slayer-icon 50 Farming-icon 65
Construction-icon 40 Hunter-icon 55 Summoning-icon 95
Dungeoneering-icon ---- Divination-icon ----
Attack style icon fixed 100
Quest icon fixed 275 Music icon fixed ----

The Karamja Tasks are the Tasks relating to the massive island, Karamja. The Karamja Tasks were the first group of tasks released, back in 2007. The easy NPC for these tasks is Pirate Jackie the Fruit found at the Brimhaven Agility Arena entrance at the Agility training map icon, Dungeon map icon and Minigame map icon icons. The medium NPC for these tasks is Kaleb Paramaya found at the Shilo Village Inn north of the river, up a ladder. The hard and elite NPC for these tasks is a Jungle Forester found at all entrances north of the Kharazi Jungle. They will be indicated by a Task map icon icon on your minimap and the world map. To complete all of the tasks, you will need the stats shown to the right. In the Items needed list you will see all available items you can use. In the Guide chart you will only see the minimum item.

(B)=Boost(s) Possible, (M)=Minimum Requirement, (O)=Obtainable Within Area, (R)=Recommended, (S)=Started Quest

Easy TasksEdit

Items needed
Quests required
  • None are required
Skills needed
Audio options icon
Easy task complete!


# Task Description Quest(s)
1 Five a Day Pick 5 bananas from the plantation located east of the volcano. None None None
2 I'm Lichen This! Use the rope swing to travel to the Moss Giant Island north-west of Karamja. None 10Agility-icon None
3 Golden Shores Mine some gold from the rocks on the north-west peninsula of Karamja. None 40Mining-icon Pickaxe
4 Put to Port in Port Sarim Travel to Port Sarim via the dock, east of Musa Point. None None 30 coins or ring of charos(a)
5 Avast Ardougne! Travel to Ardougne via the port near Brimhaven. None None 30 coins or ring of charos(a)
6 Show That You Cairn Explore Cairn Island to the west of Karamja. None 15 Agility-icon (Higher levels give better chances of success) None
7 Fruity Catch Use the Fishing spots north of the banana plantation. None 5Fishing-icon

Harpoon / Lobster pot / Small net / Fishing Rod & Bait / Barbarian Fishing DOES WORK

8 Beachcomber Collect 5 seaweed from anywhere on Karamja. (You can drop and pick up the same piece of seaweed 5 times) None None None
9 TzHaar Wars Attempt the TzHaar Fight Pit or Fight Cave. None None None
10 It's a Jungle Ogre Kill a Jogre in the Pothole Dungeon. None MidMulticombat(R) None

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  • Task #3: Mine the Gold ore north of Brimhaven, not the Gold ore near the Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • Task #5: Use the Customs Officer north of Brimhaven.
  • Task #6: Using Fairy ring CKR and running south-west is the fastest way to get to Cairn Island.
  • Task #8: You can bring a Seaweed from anywhere, drop it, and pick it up, until you complete the task.
  • Task #10: Can be completed entirely with rings of recoil, you do not have to deal any damage yourself.


Audio options icon
Easy task set complete!
Note: Jingle incomplete

Once finished, Pirate Jackie the Fruit will grant you your rewards.

Medium TasksEdit

Audio options icon
Medium task complete!
Items needed
Quests required
Skills needed


# Task Description Quest(s)
11 Just the Ticket Claim a ticket from the Agility arena in Brimhaven. None 40Agility-icon(R) 200 coins
12 Back Cran-door Discover hidden wall in the dungeon below the volcano. Dragon Slayer None None
13 Dungeons and Dragons Visit the Isle of Crandor via the dungeon below the volcano. Dragon Slayer None None
14 Horseless Carriage Use Vigroy and Hajedy's cart service. Shilo Village None 10 coins
15 They like Me! They Really Like Me! Earn 100% favour in the village of Tai Bwo Wannai. Jungle Potion 10Woodcutting-icon Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup items
16 Arachnophagia Cook a Spider on stick. None 16Cooking-icon Spider carcass, Skewer sticks (made from using a machete on thatching spars)
17 I'm a Lumberjack and I'm Okay Cut a log from a teak tree. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio OR Legends' Quest (S) unless using tree in the Ruins of Uzer 35Woodcutting-icon Hatchet
18 I Sleep All Night and I Work All Day Cut a log from a mahogany tree. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio OR Legends' Quest (S) 50Woodcutting-icon Hatchet
19 To Catch a Karambwan Catch a karambwan. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio



Karambwan vessel

Raw Karambwanji

Small fishing net

20 That's Not a Knife... Exchange gems with Safta Doc in the house with an anvil in the northern part of Tai Bwo Wannai (must be in cleanup mode) for a machete. Jungle Potion None gout tuber; 3 cut or uncut opal, jade, or red topaz gems; and 300, 600, or 1200 trading sticks respectively.
21 Falling With Style Use the Gnome glider to travel to Karamja. The Grand Tree None None
22 Scourge of Scurvy Grow a healthy Fruit tree in the patch near Brimhaven. None 27Farming-icon Tree growing supplies

Fruit tree seed

23 Hunters of the Horned Graahk Trap a Horned graahk. None 41Hunter-icon(B) Teasing stick

Knife Logs (O)

24 The Roots of All Evil Chop the vines to gain deeper access to Brimhaven Dungeon. None 10Woodcutting-icon Hatchet

875 coins

25 Points of No Return Cross the spiky pit using the stepping stones within Brimhaven Dungeon. None 12Agility-icon


875 coins

Indicated on the world map by a shortcut icon. (It's not the icon to the south, this is a pipe shortcut.)

26 Stairway to Haven Climb the stairs within Brimhaven Dungeon. None 10Woodcutting-icon Hatchet

875 coins

Beware of level 82 Greater Demons at the top of the stairs.

27 Thank You, Madam Charter the Lady of the Waves from Cairn Isle to Port Khazard. Shilo Village None Various coins
28 Shipping Out From the Shipyard Charter a ship from the shipyard in the far east of Karamja.

The Grand Tree (Can be completed without Monkey Madness)

None 200 coins (M) / Variable
29 Romancing the Stone Mine a Red topaz from a Gem rock. Shilo Village or Jungle Potion 40Mining-icon Pickaxe

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  • Task #12: The hidden wall is the door to the lesser demons
  • Task #15: If Tai Bwo Wannai minigame percentage already is 100% you need to lower it and get it back up to 100 percent to get the task completion, to do this speak to any villager holding a trading stick in their left hand.
  • Task #16: Along with #11 and #19 you can get this when going for 100% Tai Bwo Wannai favour.
  • Task #17: For those who have started the Legends' quest it may be easier to cut a Teak tree in the Kharazi Jungle. If you cut a special Teak log it also counts. Teak trees on Ape Atoll do not work.
  • Task #18: For those who have started the Legends' quest it may be easier to cut a Mahogany tree in the Kharazi Jungle. Mahogany trees on Ape Atoll do not work.
  • Task #19: Catch more than one Karambwan as you might burn one for the hard task of Cooking one.
  • Task #20: Along with #5 and #19 you can get this when going for 100% Tai Bwo Wannai favour. The gems for Machete trade requires talking to Safta Doc who can be found near the anvil in Tai Bwo Wannai; select the "What do you do here?" option. (Note: you need to be in minigame mode, with favour showing in the top right hand corner of the screen, and need to have received Trading sticks from Murcaily.) The cheapest deal requires 3 Opals, 1 Gout tuber and 300 Trading sticks. Mine 10 Opals in Shilo and trade a few to the Gem store for a decent supply of sticks. Gout tuber is a rare random event when cutting the jungle in the minigame, a Spade is needed to dig it up. The tuber can be traded, but the price has inflated greatly due to these tasks, and the tuber now costs 6843 coins on the Grand Exchange. You can pay 300 Trading sticks to have the Opal machete made, then immediately sell it to Gabooty for the same price. During the lengthy jungle cutting lots of random events will attack. If necessary use Prayer protections and recharge Prayer at the village statue. (Note: You need to have talked to Murcaily and asked him where to get a machete otherwise Safta Doc will not have that option)
  • Task #22: Alternatively, a player may also complete this task using the fruit tree patch in Herblore Habitat.
  • Task #26: Experienced players should go ahead and kill the easier Bronze dragon for the hard task. From the bottom of the southern stairs go as south-east as possible, chop through two lots of blockage and continue west.
  • Task #28: The password for the gate is Ka-Lu-Min. The Charter Ship crew is at the southern-most dock. You do not need as many coins if you have a Ring of charos and/or have completed Cabin Fever. Also, the in-game guide says you have to complete Monkey Madness, but this is not true. Only The Grand Tree is required.
  • Task #29: Along with #5 and #11 you can get this when going for 100% Tai Bwo Wannai favour. You can mine the Red topaz from either Shilo Village or Tai Bwo Wannai.


Audio options icon
Medium task set complete!

Once finished Kaleb Paramaya will grant you your rewards.

The rewards for completing all mediums tasks are:

Hard TasksEdit

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Hard task complete!
Items Needed
Quests Required
Skills needed


# Task Description Quest(s)
30 Flawless Victory Become the champion of the TzHaar Fight Pit. None HighMulticombat(R) None
31 Play Dead, Doggy Kill a Ket-Zek in the TzHaar Fight Cave. None HighMulticombat(R)HighPrayer-icon(R) None
32 I'd Be Kharazi to Eat This Eat an oomlie wrap. None None Cooked oomlie wrap
33 At One With Nature Craft some Nature runes. Rune Mysteries 44Runecrafting-icon Nature talisman

Pure essence

34 Drop It Like It's Hot Cook a Karambwan thoroughly. Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 30Cooking-icon Raw karambwan
35 Deadwing Kill a Deathwing in the dungeon under the Kharazi Jungle. Legends Quest (S) 15Woodcutting-icon50Strength-icon50Agility-icon50Thieving-icon52Mining-icon Hatchet




36 Quick As a Shot Use the Crossbow shortcut southeast of the volcano. None 53Agility-icon(B)42Ranged-icon21Strength-icon Crossbow

Mithril grapple

37 A Palm For Each Finger Collect 5 palm leaves. (You can drop and

pickup the same leaf 5 times)

Legends Quest


15Woodcutting-icon Hatchet


38 Yes, My Master Be assigned a Slayer task by Duradel in Shilo Village. Shilo Village 100Multicombat50Slayer-icon None
39 Can Opener Kill a Metal dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon. None HighMulticombat(R)12Agility-icon34Woodcutting-icon Hatchet

Dragon fire protection (R)

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  • Task #30: To easily become champion of the Fight Pit: look for a world with no one in the minigame and ask a friend to let you kill them. (make sure to return the favour!)
  • Task #31: The Ket-Zek is level 130 and killing one requires surviving 30 waves of the Fight Cave. Take a reasonable amount of supplies to deal with the situation. See TzHaar Fight Cave for more details.
  • Task #32: The Oomlie wrap can be eaten anywhere. You also do not have to prepare it yourself (you can actually buy it off the Grand Exchange).
  • Task #33: Crafting Nature runes as part of The Great Orb Project or from the Abyss will count as a task completion. You do not need to access the Nature altar from Karamja. However, crafting Nature runes while Dungeoneering will not count for this task.
  • Task #34: If you have completed Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, you can just buy raw Karambwan from Tiadeche in Tai Bwo Wannai. You can actually buy raw Karambwan from Grand Exchange and cook it there.
  • Task #35: The entrance to the cave is south-west of Shilo Village. Deathwings are found south of the giant door. Search the bookcase in the cave with the burning octogram with a crack in the wall behind it. You need a lockpick to open the giant doors to the monsters.
  • Task #37: The leaves are found near the small pool of water, in the Kharazi Jungle. When collecting Palm leaves: You do not have to wait for the tree to spawn another 4 leaves after shaking one down, just drop it and pick it up five times.
  • Task #38: For those who have completed While Guthix Sleeps, you will still get the achievement when getting a Slayer task from Lapalok. Also, the task is completed as soon as an assignment is given, so if you have the points, you can then cancel the task and get a new one from any slayer master. You can combine this with the Elite task "Ten in a Row", if the task you request from Lapalok (not Duradel) is a multiple of 10.
  • Task #39: It is recommended you kill a Bronze dragon as they are the weakest of the three found in the Brimhaven Dungeon.


Audio options icon
All hard tasks complete!

Once finished a Jungle Forester will grant you your rewards.

Elite TasksEdit

Audio options icon
Elite task complete!
Items Needed
Quests Required
Skills Needed
# Task Description Quests
40 At One Plus Fifty-Five With Nature Craft 56 or more nature runes simultaneously, without using pouches or familiars. None 91 Runecrafting-icon (B) Nature tiara/Nature talisman/Talisman staff/ omni tiara / omni talisman or access to The Abyss
28 pure essence
41 The Power of Lava Equip a TzHaar fire cape (or a TokHaar-Kal) while standing within TzHaar City None Completed TzHaar Fight Cave (or the TokHaar Fight Kiln) Fire cape (or a TokHaar-Kal)
42 Boxing Clever Box trap a monkey on Karamja None 95 Summoning-icon
27 Hunter-icon
Box trap
43 It's a Snap Create a super restore potion from scratch while in Brimhaven
- Earn at least 10 Agility arena tickets and purchase a snapdragon from Pirate Jackie the Fruit
- Use any red spiders' eggs. They do not need to come from the Karamja volcano
- Mix the potion while inside Brimhaven.
None 63 Herblore-icon Vial of water, Red Spider Eggs
44 Crunchy Coating Cook a shark on a sulphur pit (sulphur pits are found in TzHaar City). None 80 Cooking-icon Raw shark
45 Walkies! Take your chameleon for a walk around Cairn Isle to see its egg-home None 90 Summoning-icon

15 Agility-icon

Chameleon, baby chameleon also works. Chameleon eggs are found on Cairn Isle and requires 1 hour to hatch.
46 Tread Carefully Use the stepping stone shortcut across the river in Shilo Village Shilo Village 74 Agility-icon (B) None
47 Ten In a Row Earn 75+ Slayer points from a single slayer task assigned by Lapalok While Guthix Sleeps, Smoking Kills 100 Multicombat
50 Slayer-icon
Note, the 75+ slayer points must all be made on one slayer task

*Please note - If the table is not highlighting green when clicked, please click the reset button*


  • Task #47: You need only finish "Ten In a Row" with Lapalok. For example, you could finish task 89 with Kuradal and take task 90 with Lapalok, finish it, get the "Ten In a Row" task and go back to Kuradal having only done a single task with Lapalok. You get 75 points for finishing 10, 20, 30, etc. with Lapalok. Also, if you receive the task from Duradel and wait to finish it until after While Guthix Sleeps, it will still count.


Karamja elite tasks resurrection

A player dies in the Fight Pit and is resurrected.

Once finished a Jungle Forester will grant you your rewards.


  • Tasks #17 and #18 "I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay" and "I sleep all night and I work all day" are references to the Monty Python sketch the lumberjack song.
  • Task #19 "To Catch a Karambwan" is likely a reference to the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. It is also possibly a reference to "To Catch a Killer", a television film.
  • Task #20 "That's not a knife" is a reference to the line from the movie Crocodile Dundee, where the eponymous character says this line while pulling out a machete in response to being mugged at knife-point.
  • Task #30 "Flawless Victory" is a reference to the game Mortal Kombat, in which, if you win without taking damage, a voice will say "Flawless Victory!".
  • Task #38 "Yes, My Master" is likely a reference to Darth Vader from Star Wars Episodes III, V, and VI, who often responds to the Emperor with this phrase.
  • Task #27 "Stairway To Haven" is a reference to the song "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin.
  • Task #22 "Falling With Style" may be a reference to the first film of the Toy Story series.
  • Task #29 is a reference to the old film "Romancing the Stone".
  • Task #24 may be a reference to the Dream Theater song "The Root of All Evil".
  • Task #34 is likely a reference to the song "Drop It Like It's Hot" by Snoop Dogg.
  • Task #35 may be a reference to the Porcupine Tree album/song of the same name.
  • Task #41 is possibly a reference to the song "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis & The News, Jennifer Rush or Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

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