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Kalferberry seed detail

A Kalferberry seed is a Herblore Habitat Farming resource, needing a level of 77 Farming to plant it to grow a Kalferberry bush. It can attract certain kinds of Jadinkos while it is growing or when it matures. After growing into its full size, the player can pick Kalferberries. To prevent the chance of disease, the Zombie farmer may be paid three Lergberries to take care of it.

It is the preferred bush for cannibal, aquatic and carrion jadinkos.

Planting a Kalferberry seed gives 220 Farming experience. It takes 75 minutes to grow to maturity. A healthy Kalferberry bush, when checked, provides 375 Farming experience. If the Zombie farmer does not watch the bush for the player, then disease may be removed using secateurs. Successfully pruning the diseased bush will place leaves in the player's inventory. However, sometimes the bush may have to be pruned more than once to successfully remove all of the diseased leaves. If left alone, the diseased bush will die.

Each harvested Kalferberry yields 52.5 Farming experience.

Healthy kalferberry
Stage Description Image
1 The Kalferberry bush seed has only just been planted. Kalferberry1
2 The Kalferberry bush in its second stage of growth. Kalferberry2
3 The Kalferberry bush in its third stage of growth. Kalferberry3
4 The Kalferberry bush in its fourth stage of growth. Spiky! Kalferberry4
5 The Kalferberry bush in its fifth stage of growth. Spikier! Kalferberry5
6 The Kalferberry bush is mature and ready for checking health. Kalferberry6


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