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Junk refiner detail

The junk refiner is a device that converts junk into refined components at a rate of 100:1.

It will explode after refining an amount of junk dependent on the user's Invention level (see below). Higher Invention levels allow for using the device more before it explodes. It takes 3 seconds (5 game ticks) for each set of junk converted. Each set of junk converted gives 10 Invention experience. The amount of junk converted by a refiner can be checked by using the right click option "Check".

Discovering this device requires level 22 Invention and 150 inspiration for "Perfect!" optimisation. Success in creating the blueprints earns 1,541 Invention experience.

On 6 February 2017, junk refiners were made stackable.

Components per level
Invention level Components
1–21 N/A
22–30 11
31–45 12
46–50 13
51–60 14
61–70 15
71–80 16
81–90 17
91–100 18
101–110 19
111–120 20


Junk refiner Junk refiner
InventionSmithingMake-X GE icon
500 XP100 XP-
Invention Invention level22
Blueprint (Invention) Discover: Junk refiner
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Rune barRune bar113,87613,876
Crafted partsCrafted parts50N/A-


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