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Juju vial detail

Juju potions are potions made with ingredients only obtained from the Herblore Habitat. All potions must be made in a special juju vial which can be bought from Papa Mambo in the Herblore Habitat. The vials and potions are tradeable, so they can also be obtained from other players or the Grand Exchange.

Each dose of potion lasts for six minutes with a note appearing in the chat window one minute before the potion wears off. This note will appear if game message filtering is active. The two exceptions are Juju hunter potions, which last ten minutes, and Juju cooking potions which are not drinkable.

Training Herblore by making juju potions is not very efficient for experience because of the untradeable ingredients which take some time to obtain.

Perfect juju potions can be made via the addition of harmony moss to 3-dose regular juju potions, giving enhanced effects that last for 1 hour.

Potion Level required Herb Secondary ingredient Experience Effect (per dose)
Juju hunter potion 54 Erzille Corrupt vine 123 Necessary to attract certain Jadinkos (pour on vine flower patch)
Scentless potion 59 Argway Shadow vine 135 When you drink all your traps will be considered smoked
Juju farming potion 64 Ugune Marble vine 146 One in three chance of picking two herbs from a herb patch (chance on a per-pick basis)
Juju cooking potion 67 Shengo Plant teeth 152 Use on a baked potato to make a strange potato then add tuna and corn to make juju gumbo
Juju fishing potion 70 Shengo Aquatic vine 158 One in three chance of catching a raw baron shark when fishing sharks, per catch
Juju woodcutting potion 71 Samaden Oily vine 160 One in ten chance of finding a wood spirit when woodcutting, per log
Juju mining potion 74 Samaden Draconic vine 168 One in ten chance of finding a stone spirit when mining, per ore
Saradomin's blessing 75 Samaden Saradomin vine 170 Provides a +10% bonus to Farming experience when farming in the Herblore Habitat
Guthix's gift 75 Samaden Guthix vine 170 Provides a +10% bonus to Herblore XP when making Juju potions (not necessarily in the Habitat)
Zamorak's favour 75 Samaden Zamorak vine 170 Provides a +10% bonus to Hunter XP when hunting jadinkos in the Herblore Habitat


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