Jofridr Mordstatter
Jofridr Mordstatter
Release date 6 February 2007 (Update)
Race Human
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location(s) Neitiznot
Sells items Neitiznot Supplies
Gender Female
Examine Mistress of the stores.
Jofridr Mordstatter location
Jofridr Mordstatter chathead

Jofridr Mordstatter is the owner of Neitiznot Supplies, a Crafting shop on Neitiznot. She can be found inside the store.

If you talk to her, you will find that she gets her wool from Ned in Draynor Village, and gives him rope in exchange. After you find this out, you can talk to Ned and he will give you one free rope probably because he says he makes the finest ropes around.