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Jex chathead

Jex is a priest of Icthlarin and custodian of the Temple of the Lesser Gods in Sophanem, located in the north-east part of the city. He is fond of his position, but laments the dilapidated state of the temple that resulted from the city's quarantine and Simon Templeton's theft of some of its stonework. Like the other Sophanites, he is affected by the plague.

During Contact!, Jex explains how to access the Scabarite-infested caves beneath the building, and is later blackjacked by Osman, who has to enter the dungeon. Jex, now with a nasty headache, also gives information about the Menaphite Pantheon's minor gods after the quest. During Do No Evil, he is also consulted in regards to the minor god Apmeken, whose disappearance is a focus of the quest.


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