Jebediah Omnis was a vengeful Zarosian zealot that revived the legend of The Ripper, a Chthonian majesty, in order to get revenge on Zamorak for killing his lord. To do so, he hired a group of miners in the guise of a prospector to excavate a new mine underneath the Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede. The miners reluctantly agreed, finding no ore in the process. One night, Jebediah enchanted the exit of the mine with an illusion spell, making the miners believe the cave entrance had mysteriously disappeared, and thus, trapping them all in the cave. Over the course the day they spent trapped in the mine, the remains of the previous Ripper, who was vanquished by the very Saint Elspeth of whom the abbey is situated atop on, started to latch onto Jebediah and the trapped miners. These remains painfully warped their bodies and turned each individual into ripper demons themselves. His last days of humanity in the mine, along with a miners, are recorded in his diary, as well as in a miner's journal.


  • His name is a reference to the RuneLabs suggester of the Ripper Demons.