Gilly Willikers chathead
Jasper only appears during events and may not be currently found in game.
Release date 11 June 2013 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location(s) West of the Duel Arena
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A representative of the Sila genie tribe.
Jasper chathead

Jasper is a representative of the five genie tribes, despite being human himself, and is found near (outside of) the Duel Arena, just north of Mubariz. He can remove the chance to receive combat experience from genie and patchwork lamps, and also from the Lamp of the Djinn. He will also exchange bottled genies for Medium XP lamps after 24 June 2013. At this time he will also provide one patchwork lamp for each Genie lamp part that is given to him.


  • When spoken to before the genie lamp update on 14 June 2013 he claimed his "purpose [would] become clear soon enough".