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Jar of divine light detail

The jar of divine light is an item held by Mr Ex that allows Hardcore Ironman players to downgrade to regular Ironman mode at any time. The item will also be automatically activated if the player dies in Hardcore Ironman mode to downgrade the player to regular Ironman mode. If a player has purchased a divine coin, it will be used before the jar.

A player who dies with this and is downgraded will lose all but three items and have no gravestone to reclaim other items lost on death. It is sold by Mr Ex in Edgeville for 100,000 coins, and each player is only able to own one at a time.

Players can talk to Mr Ex while carrying the jar to have him 'seal' it, which will prevent it from being voluntarily opened - it will only activate upon death. Sealing the jar also prevents purchase/use of the book of diplomacy, so ironman mode can never be turned off. Sealing the jar and locking-in ironman status is permanent and cannot be undone by any means. Sealing the jar is not required for it to work upon death.

Following the update of 19 June 2017, Mr Ex now holds on to the jar for the player. Prior to this update, it was an item that had to be kept in the bank. Mr Ex will open or seal the jar for the player via his dialogue.

When the jar activates, it prompts the message, "You reawaken to discover that the gods now smile upon you. Hardcore mode disabled."