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Jar generator detail

The Jar generator is an item that can be obtained from Elnock Inquisitor, and is used to create either butterfly jars or impling jars. You can only have one at a time. You must use up or destroy the one you have before you can obtain another. Attempting to obtain another while you have one will lead to the choice to recharge your generator. The cost to recharge is the same as the cost for a new one, making recharging inefficient.

Jar generator

A player generating an impling jar

In order to receive the generator, you must trade Elnock 3 essence, 2 eclectic, and 1 nature impling jars. Making this item currently costs 8,944. Only 1 jar generator may be owned at a time.

The jar generator is given to you with a 100% charge. With the creation of each impling jar, 3% charge is deducted, and 1% for butterfly jars. When your jar generator runs out of charges, it disappears. Jar generators are very useful because they can hold 33 impling jars and one butterfly jar or 100 butterfly jars.


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