Since 2015, there's been discounts for selected products in Solomon's General Store.


The 2017's January sales started on 26 December 2016 and lasted to the end of 16 January 2017. The brutal weapons weren't on sale for the first few days; it is unknown when they exactly went on sale but it happened on 29 December or earlier.

In addition, the Weekly Sales continued during this promotion.

Merchandise Discount
Privateer Pack 20%
Nautilus Pack 20%
Fae Heavy Melee Weapon Pack 50%
Fae Light Melee Weapon Pack 50%
Fae Magic Weapon Pack 50%
Fae Ranged Weapon Pack 50%
Manticore Melee Weapon Pack 50%
Manticore Magic Weapon Pack 50%
Manticore Ranged Weapon Pack 50%
Ornate Heavy Melee Weapon Pack 50%
Ornate Light Melee Weapon Pack 50%
Ornate Magic Weapon Pack 50%
Ornate Ranged Weapon Pack 50%
Vitality Suit Accessories Pack 50%
Gossamer Outfit 35%
Satyr Outfit 35%
Flourishing Fairy Outfit 35%
Scorpion Outfit 50%
Griffin Outfit 50%
Lion Outfit 50%
Royal Eastern Outfit 50%
Navigator Outfit 50%
Rogue Outfit 50%
Ancient Outfit 50%
Revenant Outfit 50%
Spirit Hunter Outfit 50%
Barbarian Outfit 50%
Vitality Suit 50%
Arrav Outfit 50%
Nomad Outfit 50%
Paradox Wings[1] 66%
Veteran Behemoth Armour[1] 50%
Behemoth Armour[1] 50%
Veteran Colossus Armour[1] 50%
Colossus Armour[1] 50%
Greater Demonflesh Armour[1] 50%
Brutal Whip[1] 75%
Brutal Longsword[1] 75%
Brutal Rapier[1] 75%
Brutal Claws[1] 75%
Brutal Crossbow[1] 75%
Brutal Club[1] 75%
Butterfly Wings[1] 66%
Dark Transformation Teleport 66%
Ruler of the Ancient Dead Teleport 66%
Scientific Breakthrough Teleport 66%
Infernal Teleport[1] 50%
Pegasus Teleport[1] 50%
Inari 50%
Skypouncer[1] 66%
Dawn 50%
Dusk 50%
Blazehound[1] 66%
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q This item will be removed from the store some time after the end of the promotion.


For every week of January, 3 or more items were discounted at 50%:

January SalesEdit

Week Merchandise
1 January - 7 January Ariane pack, Blazehound, Dwarven Warsuit pack, King Black Dragon outfit, Linza pack Chameleon extract x1, 3 and 6 packs
8 January - 14 January Sir Owen pack Ozan pack, Dark Lord pack, Warborn behemoth, Energy Drain Resting, Prismatic dye x2, 4 and 8 packs
15 January - 21 January Zaros pack, Vitality Suit, Dragon wolf, Nomad outfit, Human Cannonball Teleport, Keepsake key x1, 3 and 6 packs
22 January - 28 January Prototype colossus, Revenant Outfit, Achievement Banner, Heroic Crit, Robes of Sorrow, Prismatic dye x2, 4 and 8 packs


Deal of the day#January Sales

For the month of January, 57 items from Solomon's General Store are discounted at 25% off the normal price. In addition to this, every day, a different item will have its discount increased to 66%. All items that were part of the sale are now discontinued.