James Brandon
Nationality British
Jagex moderator crown Name Mod James
Role Senior Game Designer
Team Content Developers
Project Transformers Universe
Employed generalref}}

James Brandon, also known as Mod James, is a former content developer at Jagex. He is best known for creating Desert Treasure as well as other quests.

He worked on RuneScape as content developer for almost three years before moving on to the position of senior content developer on Stellar Dawn in 2006, a cancelled project in 2011 and finally Transformers Universe in 2012, for which he became a senior game designer after a few months, a post he held until leaving Jagex in 2014.{{#invoke:References|namedref}}



  • In 2015, James posted an account of how the development of Desert Treasure was actually an effort to repair a mess made by some university placements at Jagex, and how Recipe for Disaster came about.{{#invoke:References|generalref}}




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