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Pyramid plunder

The pyramid

Jalsavrah Pyramid

The location of the Jalsavrah Pyramid inside Sophanem

The Jalsavrah Pyramid is the location of the Pyramid Plunder minigame.

Getting thereEdit

The fastest way to get to the pyramid, and Sophanem in general, is the teleport function of the pharaoh's sceptre. The next fastest way is teleporting to Nardah with the Desert amulet 2 or higher and running down to Sophanem.

The pyramidEdit


A chamber inside Jalsavrah.

There are four entrances around the pyramid, each decorated. Three are empty, and one has the guardian mummy inside of it, after speaking to him the Pyramid Plunder minigame will begin. The door which leads to the mummy changes every now and then.

Inside, there are 8 chambers which the Mummy allows you in - each dependent on your Thieving level. In each chamber, there is one sarcophagus, which may be looted for a chance to obtain the elusive pharaoh's sceptre.


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