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Jagex moderator crown detail

Jagex Moderators, also known as Staff Moderators[1], Jagex Mods, JMods, or admins are employees working for Jagex Ltd. Jagex Moderator accounts are only used for work purposes such as play-testing, debugging, attending one-to-one meetings ("surgeries"), and dealing with in-game situations. There are currently just under 500 Jagex Moderators.[2]

Jagex Moderator accounts will always have a gold crown (Jagex moderator crown) beside their name when in public chat, as well as a gold glow around their posts with a gold avatar background when posting on the forums. Jagex Moderator usernames will always begin with "Mod", although Ian, Paul, and Andrew Gower's usernames were simply "Ian", "Paul", and "Andrew".

Employees can only login to a Jagex Mod account while connected to Jagex's designated server. They navigate the RuneScape website using a staff portal, a webpage that gives them quick access to moderation tools.



Team Description
Audio Developers Audio Developers create, compose, and manage the music in Jagex's games, including RuneScape.
Content Developers Content Developers are the people behind creating concepts of and developing larger scale content updates. They code the content that goes into Jagex's games.
Community Management Members of the Community Management (CM) team specialise in communicating with players. They ensure that everyone is getting the best experience out of Jagex's games, and feedback any comments from the community back to the company.
Quality Assurance The Quality Assurance (QA) team makes sure that all developed updates and future content are suitable for release. They check the quality and usability of all content.
Ninja Team The Ninja team generally makes tweaks and changes to existing content to improve the player's quality of life when playing the game. The ninja team's ethos is to deliver the highest impact changes at the lowest cost to development time.
Localisation The Localisation team is responsible for translating RuneScape to three different languages: Portuguese-Brazilian, German and French.
Art The Art team develops all the art-related content for RuneScape, such as banners, animations, textures, concept art and such.


This is not a definitive list of all employees, rather those who are notable.
Current employees (wrong?)
Image Name RSN Role Employed
Alan O'Brien Jagex moderator crown Mod AoB Environment Artist 2008[3]
Ashleigh Bridges Ashleigh Bridges Jagex moderator crown Mod Ash Principal Content Developer 12 July 2005
Ashley Shaw Jagex moderator crown Mod Asherz Technical Developer 2011[4]
Thomas Sweeney Thomas Sweeney Jagex moderator crown Mod Balance Head of Community Management 2013
Mod Crow Jagex moderator crown Mod Crow Community Manager 2007-2014[5]
Kevin Grantham Jagex moderator crown Mod Daze Senior Content Developer 2009, 2011
Andrew Hopkins Andrew Hopkins Jagex moderator crown Mod Deg Content Developer 2013[6]
Daniel Rogers Daniel Rogers Jagex moderator crown Mod Doctor Content Developer 2012[7]
Ken Murdock Ken Murdock Jagex moderator crown Mod Giragast Senior Game Engine Developer 2011[8]
Grace Docksey Jagex moderator crown Mod Grace Audio Developer 2008
Helen Dodd Jagex moderator crown Mod Helen Lead Technical Developer 2013[9]
Ian Hunter Ian Hunter Jagex moderator crown Mod Hunter Senior Technical Developer
Ian Taylor Jagex moderator crown Mod Ian Audio Developer 1999
Tim Fletcher Tim Fletcher Jagex moderator crown Mod Jack Senior Game Designer 2010[10]
Krista Goalby Krista Goalby Jagex moderator crown Mod Krista Scrum Master 2010
Liam Powney Liam Powney Jagex moderator crown Mod Liam Lead Content Developer, Product Owner 2005[11]
Stephen Lord Jagex moderator crown Mod Lord Head of Audio 2011
Mark Ogilvie Mark Ogilvie Jagex moderator crown Mod Mark Design Director 2003[12]
Frédérique Gower Frédérique Gower Jagex moderator crown Mod Maylea Content Developer 2006
Marion C Jagex moderator crown Mod Maz RuneScape Training and Developer Lead 13 September 2005
Aaron Meadows Aaron Meadows Jagex moderator crown Mod Meadows Community Manager, RuneScape 2017
Emma Hall Emma Hall Jagex moderator crown Mod Mohawk Technical Developer 2014[13]
Paul Broadbridge Paul Broadbridge Jagex moderator crown Mod Nexus Technical Developer 2006[14]
Oliver Hind Oliver Hind Jagex moderator crown Mod Ollie Senior Designer (unannounced project) 2013[15]
Nick M Jagex moderator crown Mod Ollo Content Developer
Jamie Reid Jamie Reid Jagex moderator crown Mod Orion Content Developer 2015[16]
David Osborne David Osborne Jagex moderator crown Mod Osborne Lead Designer for RuneScape 2006
John Payce John Payce Jagex moderator crown Mod Pi Game Engine Developer 2011[17]
Kyle Robson Kyle Robson Jagex moderator crown Mod Ramen Content Developer 2016[18]
James Crowther James Crowther Jagex moderator crown Mod Raven Content Developer 2007[19]
Roderick Copeland Roderick Copeland Jagex moderator crown Mod Roderick Senior Content Developer 2007[20]
Stephen Rowley Stephen Rowley Jagex moderator crown Mod Rowley Content Developer 2006[21]
Ryan Philpott Ryan Philpott Jagex moderator crown Mod Ryan Content Developer 2013, 2016[22]
Shaun Akerman Shaun Akerman Jagex moderator crown Mod Shauny Community Manager, RuneScape 2014
Henrik Alerskans Henrik Alerskans Jagex moderator crown Mod Shogun QA Analyst 2014[23]
Stuart W Stuart W Jagex moderator crown Mod Stu Senior Content Developer 2006[24]
Tim Chadfield Jagex moderator crown Mod Tim Gameplay Programmer 2005[25]
Timothy Dolan Timothy Dolan Jagex moderator crown Mod Timbo Senior Game Designer, RuneScape 2008[26]
Thomas Burke Thomas Burke Jagex moderator crown Mod Tomb Content Developer 2016[27]
Phil Mansell Phil Mansell Jagex moderator crown Mod Pips CEO 2011
Former employees (wrong?)
Image Name RSN Role Employed
Andrew Gower Andrew Gower Jagex moderator crown Andrew Founder 2001─ 2010
Chris Jolley Audio Developer 2006─ 2009
Constant Tedder Constant Tedder CEO 2001─ 2007
Geoff Iddison Geoff Iddison CEO 2007─ 2009
Graham Bennett Lead Game Designer 2002─ 2010[8]
Iain Hetherington Audio Developer 2008─ 2009
Ian Gower Ian Gower Jagex moderator crown Ian Engine Developer, Old School RuneScape 2001─ 2016
Mark Michael Gerhard Mark Michael Gerhard Jagex moderator crown Mod MMG CEO 2008─ 2014
Michael Manning Audio Developer 2011─ 2015
Adam Ritchie Jagex moderator crown Mod Adam R Sound Designer 2009─ 2014
Ana Steiner Ana Steiner Jagex moderator crown Mod Ana Lead Developer 2010─ 2015[28]
Frederick Horgan Frederick Horgan Jagex moderator crown Mod Avatar Content Developer 2011─ 2016[29]
Benny Peczek Jagex moderator crown Mod Benny Senior Systems Designer 2007─ 2015[30]
Adam Bond Jagex moderator crown Mod Bond Audio Developer 2006─ 2017[31]
Benjamin Luff Benjamin Luff Jagex moderator crown Mod Chaplain Graduate Gameplay Programmer 2016─ 13 September 2017[32]
Chihiro Yamada Chihiro Yamada Jagex moderator crown Mod Chihiro Senior Game Designer 2006─ 2012[8]
Christopher Long Christopher Long Jagex moderator crown Mod Chris L Principle Content Developer 2007─ 2015[33]
Dan Atkinson Jagex moderator crown Mod Dan A Audio Developer 2006─ 2008
Dylan Cook Jagex moderator crown Mod Dylan Content Developer 2004[34]─ 2013
Sebastian Davies Jagex moderator crown Mod Edam Senior Game Designer 2009─ 2013[8]
Christoph Vietzke Jagex moderator crown Mod Fetzki Head of RuneScape 2005─ 2012[35]
Greg Veit Greg Veit Jagex moderator crown Mod Greg Content Developer 2005─ 2007[36]
Matthew Holland Jagex moderator crown Mod Hew Design Team Leader 2008─ 2015[8]
Ingrid Jendrzejewski Jagex moderator crown Mod Ingrid Content Developer 2007─ 2009[37]
James Brandon Jagex moderator crown Mod James Senior Game Designer 2003─ 2014[38]
John Ayliff John Ayliff Jagex moderator crown Mod John A Senior Content Developer 2005─ 2014[39]
Lewis Macguire Lewis Macguire Jagex moderator crown Mod Liono Senior Content Developer 2008─ 2014[40]
[[]] Jagex moderator crown Mod Manti QA Analyst 2014[41]─ 28 April 2017[41]
Alex Fry Alex Fry Jagex moderator crown Mod Moltare Senior Game Designer 2009─ 2017[42]
Nancy Janzig Nancy Janzig Jagex moderator crown Mod Nancy Lead Technical Developer 2006─ 2012[43]
Matt Ham Jagex moderator crown Mod Newmatic Content Developer 2006─ 2009[44]
Christopher Emmerson Christopher Emmerson Jagex moderator crown Mod Rathe Content Developer 2005─ ?
Tom W Jagex moderator crown Mod Tom Content Developer ─ Unknown
Patrick Newcombe Jagex moderator crown Mod Trick Content Developer 2008─ 2011[45]
Tytn Hays Tytn Hays Jagex moderator crown Mod Tytn Lead Developer 2002─ 2010[46]
Vince Farquharson Vince Farquharson Jagex moderator crown Mod Vince Head of RuneScape 2008─ 2009
Vincent Van Moppes Jagex moderator crown Mod Vincent Game Designer 2004─ 2005[8]
Anthony Wilson Anthony Wilson Jagex moderator crown Mod Wilson Senior Content Developer 2005─ 2016[47]
Paul Gower Paul Gower Jagex moderator crown Paul Co-founder 2001─ 2011
Rod Cousens Rod Cousens CEO 2013─ 2017
Sam Jones Audio Developer 2009─ 2011


There are a range of abilities that Jagex Moderators possess. They can:


  • Use the tools that Player Moderators and Forum Moderators have to moderate the game and the forums, as well as being able to issue bans. They also have these abilities on other games and services owned by Jagex.


  • Use the rotten potato, an in-game item that has multiple uses, including healing to full, accessing the bank, and sending bots to Botany Bay.
  • Turn invisible.
  • Add or remove items from their inventory. Any items dropped aren't visible to other players.
  • Modify their skills, including their combat level.
  • Teleport to any location by holding CTRL and clicking on the minimap. Alternatively, they can double click a location on the world map.
  • Use the developer console in order to change many variables associated with their in-game account, such as quest progress and completion. It can also be used to teleport to players, prevent automatic logout, among other commands.
  • Transform into any NPC.
  • Pass, walk on and teleport over physical boundaries (no-clip).
  • Make themselves vulnerable or invulnerable to all forms of attack.
  • Kick/ban players from a friends chat or clan chat that doesn't belong to them.
  • Access member areas while playing in a free-to-play world.
  • Spawn NPCs in any location.
  • Wear the Jagex Moderator outfit.
  • View chat messages that are no longer visible in the chatbox.
  • Start a Jagex Moderator Event and give out event cards. They can run community scenarios using the pickled cabbage, and access the JMod Toolbox interface.
  • Use world 13, a server only JMods can see and access


  • Use HTML and JavaScript, allowing them to change fonts, include images, and post videos.
  • Edit other player's posts.
  • Make threads into sticky threads, causing them to be displayed at the top of the forum.
  • Lock threads and edit titles. These actions cannot be reversed by Forum Moderators.



  • Mod Paupersen (anagram for 'Made up Person') was a fake Jagex Moderator that was featured in the 2010 April Fools joke.
  • Players cannot create accounts that have 'Mod' in their name to prevent confusion and scams. One early player created the account "Mod Element" before this restriction was implemented but was later required to change his name. Mod Element has since been used by an actual employee of Jagex.
  • JMod accounts exist with NPC names such as Avalani, Wiz Chambers, and Sliske. They were used by Jagex employees to post on the forums during the Cryptic Clue Fest II, Tuska Comes, and Sliske's Christmas Adventure events.
  • T. S. Church was given a JMod account in order to do a Q&A regarding his novel Betrayal at Falador.
  • Players used to be able to trade with and attack Jagex Moderators whenever they wanted, however an update now prevents players from doing so.
  • Players can throw a gnomeball to a JMod, but JMods can only throw it to other JMods.
  • If a JMod is reported for Staff Impersonation, a message will state "You cannot report that person for Staff Impersonation, they are Jagex Staff. You can spot a Jagex Moderator by the gold crown next to their name. You can report that person under a different rule."
  • Messages sent by a JMod in any channel can be seen regardless of if a player has their messages turned off, including private messages.
  • Players cannot bless gravestones that belong to a JMod.
  • Jagex Moderators never appear on HiScores, and their adventurer's log is set to private.
  • JMods can mute each other. They can also be muted by Player Moderators and ChatWatch.
  • JMods could still get random events while they existed.
  • The combat level of a Jagex Moderator always appears in red.
  • JMods cannot sit on the Throne of Fame.[48]


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