Jagex Clan Cup 2012
Clan cup 2010 plaque
Start date 25 June 2012
End date October 2012
Prize Clan featured on the in-game Clan Cup plaque
Description Clan tournament featuring a variety of different competitions

The Jagex Clan Cup 2012 was an event wherein clans competed against one another in a variety of events. It was announced on 13 June 2012, and commenced on 25 June 2012.


Main cup winnersEdit

  • Winners of the Combat Cup: Violent Resolution
  • Winners of the Skilling Cup: Skill Shock
  • Winners of the Combined Cup: Basedin2minutes

Mini-tournament winnersEdit

  • Winners of the P2P 20v20 Mini-Tournament: Blood Vipers
  • Winners of the F2P 20v20 Mini-Tournament: Dutch Generation
  • Winners of the P2P Fullout Mini-Tournament: Violent Resolution
  • Winners of the Community Mini-Tournament: India Inc
  • Winners of the Under 90 Combat Mini-Tournament: The Summon Tanks
  • Winners of the Over 115 Combat Mini-Tournament: Divine Forces

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