Jadinko fruits are special fruits hunted by jadinkos as food. They are brought back by their corresponding type of jadinko, and are released with the Jadinko Lair. Normal fruit heal 1500 Life Points when eaten, god fruit heal 2000 Life points. Each type, except the common fruit, have specific effects that relate to either combat or skilling in the lair. The fruit may be received as drops from mutated jadinko monsters, or bought from the Offering stone using jadinko points. All fruits can be transformed into common fruit by talking with Papa Mambo. Only common fruits can be banked.

In the past, if you leave the lair with any non-common fruits in your inventory, you will get the message As you move away from the vine, your fruits lose their magic and start behaving like common fruits. This has been changed on 9 August 2011, as stated in the patch notes. The special fruits would not change into common fruits, but would not have any special effects outside the Jadinko Lair.

Fruit LP Healed Effect
Common fruit Common fruit 1500 None.
Shadow fruit Shadow fruit 1500 Decreases chances of being hit by enemies by 2% for 1 minute.
Igneous fruit Igneous fruit 1500 Soaks 2% of damage taken for 1 minute.
Cannibal fruit Cannibal fruit 1500 Increases chances of hitting by 2% for 1 minute.
Aquatic fruit Aquatic fruit 1500 Doubles favour points from fuelling fires for 1 minute.
Amphibious fruit Amphibious fruit 1500 Doubles favour points from cutting mutated roots for 1 minute.
Carrion fruit Carrion fruit 1500 Doubles mutated vine drops from mutated jadinkos for 1 minute.
Diseased fruit Diseased fruit 1000 Doubles excrescence drops from mutated jadinkos for 1 minute.
Camouflaged fruit Camouflaged fruit 1500 Prevents you from being hit by roots for 1 minute.
Draconic fruit Draconic fruit 1500 Increases max hit by 2% for 1 minute.
Saradomin fruit Saradomin fruit 2000 Recharges up to 100 prayer points.
Guthix fruit Guthix fruit 2000 Recharges up to 100 prayer points.
Zamorak fruit Zamorak fruit 2000 Recharges up to 100 prayer points.


  • Until 9 August 2011 all fruits would be changed to common fruit upon exiting the lair.

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