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Jadinko Lair

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Jadinko Lair
Jadinko Lair
Kingdom Karamja
Members area Yes
Main music Natural Selection
Levels 1
Strongest monster Mutated jadinko male
Dwarf multicannon Unknown Edit
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Jadinko
Jadinko Lair map
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Click the map to view a larger version.

The Jadinko Lair is a members activity that was released on 12 July 2011. It can be accessed north of the Herblore Habitat activity in a dungeon entrance near Dotmatrix and Maverick. Here players can help the Jadinko Queen rid her lair of mutated jadinkos or cut down jade vines to create ranged weapons.


The lowest requirements to participate in various activities of the Jadinko Lair are 83 Fletching, 83 Firemaking, 83 Woodcutting, and 80 Slayer. The attackable mutated jadinkos within the lair range from levels 90 to 201.

Activity requirements

Activity Minimum Skill requirement
Slay Mutated jadinko babies Slayer-icon 80
Slay Mutated jadinko guards Slayer-icon 86
Slay Mutated jadinko males Slayer-icon 91
Chop Jade roots (all types) Woodcutting-icon 83
Collect Jade roots (all types) Woodcutting-icon 83
Burn Curly roots Firemaking-icon 83
Harden Cut straight roots None
Make Sagaie shafts Fletching-icon 83
Make Sagaies* Fletching-icon 83
Make Bolas* Fletching-icon 87

* These items can be fletched outside of the Jadinko Lair, but require items that are collected or made in the lair.

Getting there

Dotmatrix chathead

Players can most quickly reach the Jadinko Lair by teleporting to the Herblore Habitat with a Juju teleport spiritbag or Witchdoctor mask, crossing the vine in the north, and running west to jump over the waterfall. The entrance to the Lair is northeast of the stepping stones over the waterfall. Another way to get there quickly is to travel to Shilo Village by either the Shilo Village cart system or Karamja gloves 3, crossing over the broken cart in the southeastern side of the village, and walking east towards the Lair entrance.

Jadinko Lair entrace

Another fast method is flying to the Gnome glider on Karamja. The landing point is just northeast of the entrance to the Lair, south of the Ship Yard. To access the gnome gliders, a player could teleport either to the Duel Arena using a Ring of duelling or to the Al Kharid palace using an Amulet of glory and then use the Al Kharid gnome glider there. Alternatively, a player could use a Spirit tree to teleport to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and then climb the Grand Tree to access the gnome glider at its top.

Another quick transportation method is to use a Charter ship to go to the Ship Yard and then run south-west to the Lair. One of the fastest ways to access a charter ship is to teleport to Brimhaven using a Brimhaven tablet and then run north a short ways to the docks. The charter ship trip from Brimhaven to the Ship Yard costs 400 coins, or 200 coins after the Cabin Fever quest, and wearing a Ring of charos will halve the cost of the trip.

Just west of the Jadinko Queen in the Lair is a large jade vine root covered by small roots. A player can chop these roots away (Woodcutting level 40 required, grants 300 exp) to permanently open up a two-way tunnel to the surface, the upper end being in the south of the Herblore Habitat by the Deposit Box. This route cannot be opened from the surface, but once opened it allows access to the Lair from the surface. Players using juju teleports spiritbags or the Witchdoctor mask teleport may find the tunnel a faster route than the main entrance in the north.

When going to the main entrance for the first time, players should speak to Dotmatrix to be able to enter the Lair. If players attempt to go in without talking to him, he will tell you to talk with the explorer to learn more about the Lair.


The Jadinko Queen and various other jadinko workers live in the main chamber of the Lair. They protect the Queen from the mutated jadinkos, which spawn randomly in the other rooms from her roots without her control. If players help the Queen by defeating the mutated jadinkos or doing the various skilling activities within the Lair, they are rewarded with favour points, which can be used to purchase jadinko fruit, seeds, or juju teleport spiritbags at the offering stone. Supposedly, the jadinkos found on the surface at the Herblore Habitat bring down the seeds, fruits, and spiritbags to the offering stone, but players do not see them doing this very often, but the occasional Carrion or Normal Jadinkos can be seen walking to and from the altar.

Jadinko guard killing mutated baby

A Jadinko guard kills a mutated baby.

Jadinkos are reptile-like plant creatures. This is most evident with the Queen, as she is attached to the Jade vine. The jadinkos in the Queen's chamber can be neither attacked nor spoken to.

Mutated jadinkos

Mutated jadinkos are Slayer monsters assigned by Sumona, Duradel or Lapalok and Kuradal. There are 3 types of mutated jadinkos - requiring 80, 86 and 91 Slayer respectively. However, players may kill them without having them assigned as long as your slayer level is high enough.

Recommended items

Mutated jadinkos attack with melee and magic. However, they will only use magic attacks if you have Protect/Deflect Melee on or they cannot reach you. Therefore, it is recommended to use high melee-defence or magic-defence armour if fighting mutated jadinkos with melee. Mutated jadinko babies have the lowest combat level and thus will need less protection than Mutated jadinko males. Wearing anything from Barrows equipment to Bandos armour to Rune equipment will suffice for Mutated jadinko babies. Since Mutated jadinko males frequently use their magic attack, Barrows equipment would be wise for players using melee, as would Protection prayers or Curses such as Protect from Magic and Soul Split. Healing familiars or Beasts of burden would also be an advantage.

Players wishing to Range should wear high ranged attack bonus and magic-defence armour such as Armadyl armour or dragonhide armour. Protection prayers, curses, and familiars will also be helpful as it is with players using melee, the use of Soul Split can enable the ranger to stay at Jadinkos for a period long over that which is offered by meleers, as the use of a safe spot prevents the Jadinkos from meleeing, reducing them to mage the ranger.


Whip vine detail

Mutated jadinkos drop many noted items in addition to special items that can only be obtained within the Lair. Mutated vines can be used with excrescence or sagaie shafts to create bolas and sagaies, respectively. Excrescence is only dropped by mutated jadinkos and cannot be created. Both these ranged weapons have an increased attack bonus when fighting mutated jadinkos. Jadinko fruits each have a special combat and skilling-enhancing abilities that can only be used in the Lair for short amounts of time. If the fruits are taken out of the Lair, they can be changed to common fruit by speaking to Papa Mambo. Fruits taken outside the Lair will have their effects removed and will act as common fruits that heal 150 health. Mutated jadinko guards and males drop whip vines which can be attached to an abyssal whip to form an abyssal vine whip which has increased bonuses and a different special attack.

Jade roots

Jade roots hang down from the ceiling. In the Queen's chamber, some are non-interactive (without even an 'Examine' option); these do not block movement. The other roots are interactive and do block movement: straight, curly, healthy, and mutated roots. Straight and curly roots sometimes retract to the ceiling and do not block movement when they retract. The roots can occasionally block access between chambers in the Lair, although this is a rare occurrence.

Straight and curly

Firepit training (Jadinko Lair)

A player using collected roots on a Firepit.

Jade roots hang in every room of the Lair but can only be chopped for Woodcutting experience (80.8 for cutting and 80.8 for collecting) in the rooms with the mutated jadinkos, each root requires 83 Woodcutting to chop. There are two kinds of jade roots in the mutated jadinkos' rooms: straight and curly. Players can chop and collect roots from both kinds, though they yield different kinds of roots. When attempting to chop a 5th root in rapid sequence you can not chop it and get the message: "The root squirms out of the way of your hatchet. You have already chopped 4 other roots that haven't regrown yet" There is chance to receive strange rocks from all 3 skills used. The best way to prevent yourself from accidently taking damage is to use the Jade vines in the Mutated jadinko male or guard rooms, as they do not have a left-click option so players can be free to cut roots without accidently misclicking and being dealt with damage.

Curly jade root

Straight roots can be burned on a fire pit within the Lair to form a Hardened straight root, which can used with a knife to make sagaie shafts. If a mutated vine is used on a sagaie shaft, it will create sagaie, a special ranged weapon that is effective against mutated jadinkos.

Curly roots can be used on the dry patches between rooms with a tinderbox to form a fire pit. After the fire is formed, it can be refueled by either using another curly root on it, or clicking the fire pit and selecting "Burn all". This was the only method of firemaking experience that has a "Burn all" option, until the May 10th, 2012 Bonfire firemaking update. It requires 83 Firemaking. Each root burned earns 378.7 Firemaking xp, adds 30 seconds of duration to the fire and earns 2 points of favour with the jadinkos.

Straight and curly roots also are present in the Queen's chamber. These cannot be chopped, but they do have an 'Examine' option, unlike the non-interactive roots.

Healthy and mutated

Healthy and mutated jade roots hang near the Jadinko Queen. They change states frequently, and chopping a healthy root may result in the Queen bidding the healthy roots to do damage to you. Mutated roots can be chopped to receive mutated vines. Mutated vines are used to make bolas and sagaie.


Doing activities within the lair will add to the player's favour. Cutting a mutated vine near the Jadinko Queen yields two favour points, but cutting a healthy vine by mistake will take away one favour point. Killing mutated jadinkos also yield favour points. A player can only have a maximum of 2000 favour points before they stop accumulating.

Players can exchange their favour points at the Offering stone in the Jadinko Queen's chamber for one of:

  • Random mix: 10 points per item taken. Gives random fruits and seeds for the Herblore Habitat.
  • Fruits only: 13 points per item taken. Gives random fruits for use within the Jadinko Lair.
  • Seeds and teleport bags: 40 points per item taken. Gives random seeds and juju teleport spiritbags.
    The seeds obtained at the offering stones are the same type that are dropped by any jadinko at the surface that you have previously attracted. If you have never attracted a jadinko on the surface, only blossom seeds can be found. Therefore, when you are ready to collect a reward, make sure you are attracting a jadinko with good seed drops, such as diseased jadinkos. For example, if you are set up to attract draconic jadinkos, but do not use a hunter potion on your flowers, you are actually only attracting regular jadinkos, and will not get as many high quality seed drops.
  • Type of seed received is based upon the jadinkos you are attracting when you earn the favour points. For example, If you want only vine herb seeds attract Carrion and shoo away commons while you are in the lair earning points and collecting reward and you will only receive vine herb seeds.
File:Mod jadinkos.png


  • If a player was to get a random event anywhere inside the Jadinko Queens chamber, he or she would always end up next to the Jadinko Queen herself.


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