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This article is about the plant grown for a quest. For other uses, see Jade (disambiguation).
Jade vine seed detail

The Jade vine is a plant grown during Back to my Roots quest which can be grown daily to earn Farming experience. As a plant, Jade Vine can be grown at level 53 Farming from a Jade vine seed. The Jade Vine can only be grown in the west patch located in front of Lord Handelmort's mansion, in East Ardougne (Horacio the gardener is growing a Jade vine in the east patch). Planting a Jade Vine seed gives 50 experience. Horacio the gardener will watch the patch for 10 wildblood hops.

Jade Vines take about 16 hours to grow. Wearing an amulet of nature that is bound to this patch alerts if it becomes diseased or fully grown. Once the plant has fully grown, its health can be checked for 1500 Farming experience.

Once its health has been checked, it starts growing branches, and a new option 'Prune' appears. Pruning with a pair of secateurs gives 30 Farming experience per branch. Jade Vines can grow five branches, one approximately every 30 to 60 minutes. Use the right-click option "examine" at any time to check its growth stage. Once five branches are grown the sixth branch (never seen) turns the vine into a monster that can be killed for 2500 Slayer experience. If you kill the slayer monster, you obtain a new seed and start again.

Alternatively you can prune it, reverting it back to normal jade vine. The option to prune it will be missing from the right-click menu, but using secateurs on the vine will return the vine to five branches. Hence, fully pruning the vine back earns six times 30 Farming experience. However, more Farming experience can be earned by asking Horacio to dig up the plant anytime after checking its health and then replanting and regrowing the seed. Horacio takes five coconuts and five watermelons as payment for this service. The cost for this is 18245 coins at current GE cost, 12.2 coins/XP. Or you can clear the patch yourself and then talk to Horacio about the vine to get a new seed.

Just like any plant grown with Farming, the Jade Vine can become diseased during any stage of its growth. If a diseased Jade Vine is left unattended for too long it dies; Supercompost lowers the chance of disease. If it dies, you can obtain a new seed from Horacio.

For strategies to kill the slayer monster, see Wild jade vine.

Killing a wild jade vine is required to obtain the Ardougne Cloak 3.

Stage Description Image
Healthy jade vine
1 A jade vine sapling has been planted in this vine patch. JadeVine1
2 A jade vine is growing in this vine patch. Plant base without flowers JadeVine2
3 Blue flowers JadeVine3
4 Blue/purple flowers JadeVine4
5 Smaller than Horacio's with blue/purple flowers and 2 short hanging vines JadeVine5
6 Same as Horacio's with long hanging vines JadeVine6
7 Mature - Larger than Horacio's with more flowers on hanging vines JadeVine7
Diseased jade vine
Disease can occur at any stage of growth and can occur more than once during a growth cycle.
Examine: This diseased vine looks like it needs curing with a potion.
Inspect: This is jade vine patch. The soil has been treated with (super)compost. The patch is diseased and needs attending to before it dies.
Diseased jade vine
After healing: You treat the jade vine patch with the plant cure.
It is restored to health.
Jade vine cured
Dead jade vine
Death can occur at any stage of growth.
Examine: This jade vine has become diseased and died.
Inspect: This is a jade vine patch. The soil has been treated with (super)compost/has not been treated. The patch has become infected by disease and has died.
Dead jade vine
Jade vine has 5 pruning stages
Jade vine branch pruning stage 1Jade vine branch pruning stage 2Jade vine branch pruning stage 3Jade vine branch pruning stage 4Jade vine branch pruning stage 5

There are 1-5 branch(es) on this jade vine. If you don't prune the Jade Vine when it has its 5th pruning stage it turns wild as a level 130 and attack you.


  • Horacio stated during the quest: If you let this species get wild by leaving it unpruned, it will attack anything. Some closely related species that can pop up pretty much anywhere has a large purple fruit, you've probably seen it. He is most likely referring to the Strange plant.
  • The scientific name of the real-life jade vine is Strongylodon macrobotrys. It has been suggested by some that the reason Jagex chose to use this plant for the quest was because the scientific name contains the words "macro" and "bot". Horacio's commentary near the end of the quest, "we thought they'd been hunted to extinction at one point." could be a reference to earlier (unsuccessful) anti-botting measures.[source needed]
  • The Jade Vine will not need pruning or killing until you have checked its health.
  • You cannot cast the Fertile Soil spell on the Jade Vine patch.
  • In Armies of Gielinor, Jade Vines are part of the Guthixian army.
  • There is glitch if you try cutting jade vine with the inferno adze, the bronze hatchet from your toolbelt will be used instead.
  • You need a hatchet equipped to be able to cut down the jade vine, having it in your toolbelt does not work.

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