Jade Straits is a narrow pass in The Scythe region of the Wushanko Isles that has been the scene of many battles. It is now used by jade traders.


  • In A Joint Acquisition, the Whaler and the Biologist have tracked down a big surplus of plate in the Blackened Sea, south of the Jade Straits.
  • In A Zombie Problem?, the player is called upon to help the people of the Jade Straits with their zombie problem.
  • In Ramraid, the Whaler attempts to ambush Shuma in the Jade Straits. After completing Ramraid, the description is updated to include that information.
  • In Sink 'em, A Ship That Hovers on Water - belonging to exiled mercenaries - has been spotted north of the Jade Straits. The player may send a ship to sink it.
  • In Supply and Demand, the player may send a ship to protect the merchants who travel this area from shark-riding seasingers.
  • In The Cure, a plague has spread to the people of the village of Han Lun. The player attempts to find an old remedy, lost on a wrecked ship in the Jade Straits, to save them.
  • In Troubled Waters, the player may send a ship to navigate through a thunderous storm that hangs permanently over the southern side of the Jade Straits to find a quicker route to a cherry wood grove on the east.

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