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J. (full name unknown) was a servant of the Mahjarrat Azzanadra. Azzanadra sent him to Ghorrock to retrieve the Frostenhorn. And although he failed and died, his backpack was found with a letter to Azzanadra and a heat globe, providing the necessary equipment for the player to venture to Ghorrock during The Temple at Senntisten and complete the mission. Nothing else is known about J. He is not a Mahjarrat, as a Mahjarrat does not even need to use much of his power to get the horn. Azzanadra comments on him being a fool that cannot solve puzzles, yet being a strong warrior and mage[source needed]. He was supplied with enough combat runes to fight the creatures there (fiends and dragons, that is) but could not progress due not able to obtain the horn. He was most likely defeated by monsters or had frozen to death.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Letter from J.


I am ill prepared for this mission. I must abandon my duties or I shall perish.

Despair not, for I have found the enclosed artefact. It will help you enter the fortress, where more of these strange globes can be found.

Had I been able to draw them to me just a short distance, I could have succeeded!

Oh, to come so close, yet be held back for want of runes!

Your humble servant, J.

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