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Release date 24 April 2013 (Update)
Race Dwarf
Members No
Quest NPC No
Location Artisans Workshop
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A dwarf dreaming of the stars.
Aksel location
Ivar chathead

Ivar is a dwarf located in the Artisans Workshop who talks about Starlight ore and Starfire weaponry. He is able to explain about the ore, exchange any for Mining or Smithing experience (only a maximum of 20,000 ore may be given to him per day for either smithing or mining experience) or exchange 10,000 ores and the necessary blueprints for starfire weapons (or starfury if a starlight diamond is brought to him). Ivar claims to have seen a Shooting Star become a meteorite when plummeting towards Gielinor and releasing lots of starlight ore while doing so. He quickly made some blueprints for weapons that could be made, but he was assaulted on his way home, and now needs adventurers to find them.

The blueprints can be found as a drop from monsters, the ores and diamonds from mining. All of them can also be found on the Squeal of Fortune.


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