Ithell statue

Completed Ithell statue

The Ithell Statue is the statue designed by the former Lady Ithell. One copy of it is made in Lletya during Plague's End by the player. Another copy stand at the Harmonium in Prifddinas at the south-western corner of the Ithell Clan district and one near Lady Ithell at the eastern side of the clan district.

Plague's EndEdit

Statue hotspot

Statue hotspot

During the quest the player collects the five symbols that are carved into the buildings of Lletya and discovers that the symbols are actually statue plans. Using 10 Magic logs at the Statue hotspot in Lletya completes the Ithell Statue. Which lets Kelyn realise that she is the new Lady Ithell by looking at the statue. After the quest, when Prifddinas is regrown, copies of the statue are located in Ithell clan district in Prifddinas, one inside the Harmonium (south west corner of district) and one near Lady Ithell (eastern part of the district).

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