Crystal key assemblage

A player combining shards into an item

Item shards are obtained from certain monsters while having CoinShare on. When a rare drop is given by the monster, 120 item shards are divided up among the involved players and sent to their banks. 120 shards can then be combined to give the original item. Despite this, the overwhelming majority of the time, 120 shards are worth more than any of the matching items - this is usually due to extremely low Grand Exchange trade volume, meaning the price does not update; shards like this have a Grand Exchange value that is not representative of their actual value.

Icon Shard Price Icon Item Price Profit Monster
Arcane sigil shard Arcane sigil shard 24,098 Arcane sigil Arcane sigil 4,951,208 2,059,448 Corporeal Beast
Archers' ring shard Archers' ring shard 466 Archers' ring Archers' ring 44,295 -11,625 Dagannoth Supreme
Armadyl buckler shard Armadyl buckler shard 233 Armadyl buckler Armadyl buckler 2,449,957 2,421,997 Kree'arra
Armadyl chainskirt shard Armadyl chainskirt shard 25,532 Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl chainskirt 3,189,921 126,081 Kree'arra
Armadyl chestplate shard Armadyl chestplate shard 1,564 Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chestplate 3,419,722 3,232,042 Kree'arra
Armadyl crossbow shard Armadyl crossbow shard 16,753 Armadyl crossbow Armadyl crossbow 2,957,634 947,274 Commander Zilyana
Armadyl helmet shard Armadyl helmet shard 5,118 Armadyl helmet Armadyl helmet 2,287,671 1,673,511 Kree'arra
Armadyl hilt shard Armadyl hilt shard 12,874 Armadyl hilt Armadyl hilt 2,693,648 1,148,768 Kree'arra
Bandos chestplate shard Bandos chestplate shard 22,314 Bandos chestplate Bandos chestplate 2,775,002 97,322 General Graardor
Bandos helmet shard Bandos helmet shard 4,911 Bandos helmet Bandos helmet 298,487 -290,833 General Graardor
Bandos hilt shard Bandos hilt shard 2,490 Bandos hilt Bandos hilt 309,821 11,021 General Graardor
Bandos tassets shard Bandos tassets shard 9,648 Bandos tassets Bandos tassets 1,418,729 260,969 General Graardor
Berserker ring shard Berserker ring shard 3,378 Berserker ring Berserker ring 91,820 -313,540 Dagannoth Rex
Blade of avaryss shard Blade of avaryss shard 19,504 Blade of Avaryss Blade of Avaryss 942,935 -1,397,545 Twin Furies
Blade of nymora shard Blade of nymora shard 33,583 Blade of Nymora Blade of Nymora 938,216 -3,091,744 Twin Furies
Crest of seren shard Crest of seren shard 110,507 Crest of Seren Crest of Seren 17,949,965 4,689,125 Helwyr
Crest of sliske shard Crest of sliske shard 88,698 Crest of Sliske Crest of Sliske 10,091,854 -551,906 Gregorovic
Crest of zamorak shard Crest of zamorak shard 70,002 Crest of Zamorak Crest of Zamorak 11,437,166 3,036,926 Twin Furies
Crest of zaros shard Crest of zaros shard 134,881 Crest of Zaros Crest of Zaros 18,780,608 2,594,888 Vindicta
Divine sigil shard Divine sigil shard 10,502 Divine sigil Divine sigil 5,757,925 4,497,685 Corporeal Beast
Dormant anima core helm shard Dormant anima core helm shard 2,088 Dormant Anima Core helm Dormant Anima Core helm 118,099 -132,461 Generals within the Heart of Gielinor
Dormant anima core body shard Dormant anima core body shard 2,784 Dormant Anima Core body Dormant Anima Core body 118,831 -215,249 Generals within the Heart of Gielinor
Dormant anima core legs shard Dormant anima core legs shard 3,294 Dormant Anima Core legs Dormant Anima Core legs 118,647 -276,633 Generals within the Heart of Gielinor
Dragon hatchet shard Dragon hatchet shard 6,895 Dragon hatchet Dragon hatchet 1,297,540 470,140 Dagannoth Kings
Dragon limbs shard Dragon limbs shard 107,200 Dragon limbs Dragon limbs 9,102,618 -3,761,382 Tormented demon
Dragon rider lance shard Dragon rider lance shard 176,871 Dragon Rider lance Dragon Rider lance 26,709,761 5,485,241 Vindicta
Drygore longsword shard Drygore longsword shard 187,443 Drygore longsword Drygore longsword 18,986,843 -3,506,317 Kalphite King
Drygore mace shard Drygore mace shard 57,613 Drygore mace Drygore mace 11,580,725 4,667,165 Kalphite King
Drygore rapier shard Drygore rapier shard 100,864 Drygore rapier Drygore rapier 13,005,498 901,818 Kalphite King
Elysian sigil shard Elysian sigil shard 41,568 Elysian sigil Elysian sigil 9,482,397 4,494,237 Corporeal Beast
Garb of subjugation shard Garb of subjugation shard 23,035 Garb of subjugation Garb of subjugation 2,764,154 -46 K'ril Tsutsaroth
Gown of subjugation shard Gown of subjugation shard 33,378 Gown of subjugation Gown of subjugation 1,945,096 -2,060,264 K'ril Tsutsaroth
Hood of subjugation shard Hood of subjugation shard 1,618 Hood of subjugation Hood of subjugation 887,864 693,704 K'ril Tsutsaroth
Imperium core shard Imperium core shard 833,334 Imperium core Imperium core 335,706,888 235,706,808 Nex: Angel of Death
Off-hand drygore longsword shard Off-hand drygore longsword shard 94,909 Off-hand drygore longsword Off-hand drygore longsword 19,089,232 7,700,152 Kalphite King
Off-hand drygore mace shard Off-hand drygore mace shard 60,668 Off-hand drygore mace Off-hand drygore mace 17,047,341 9,767,181 Kalphite King
Off-hand drygore rapier shard Off-hand drygore rapier shard 103,866 Off-hand drygore rapier Off-hand drygore rapier 17,587,976 5,124,056 Kalphite King
Off-hand shadow glaive shard Off-hand shadow glaive shard 57,907 Off-hand shadow glaive Off-hand shadow glaive 4,282,759 -2,666,081 Gregorovic
Pernix body shard Pernix body shard 145,102 Pernix body Pernix body 26,100,393 8,688,153 Nex
Pernix boots shard Pernix boots shard 43,115 Pernix boots Pernix boots 16,469,677 11,295,877 Nex
Pernix chaps shard Pernix chaps shard 95,539 Pernix chaps Pernix chaps 19,315,229 7,850,549 Nex
Pernix cowl shard Pernix cowl shard 5,462 Pernix cowl Pernix cowl 5,081,810 4,426,370 Nex
Pernix gloves shard Pernix gloves shard 35,317 Pernix gloves Pernix gloves 2,829,493 -1,408,547 Nex
Pneumatic gloves shard Pneumatic gloves shard 56,279 Pneumatic gloves Pneumatic gloves 1,359,423 -5,394,057 Automaton Tracer
Praesul codex shard Praesul codex shard 5,869,328 Praesul codex Praesul codex 659,213,984 -45,105,376 Nex: Angel of Death
Saradomin hilt shard Saradomin hilt shard 79,167 Saradomin hilt Saradomin hilt 12,579,608 3,079,568 Commander Zilyana
Saradomin sword shard Saradomin sword shard 1,591 Saradomin sword Saradomin sword 208,728 17,808 Commander Zilyana
Saradomin's hiss shard Saradomin's hiss shard 1,150 Saradomin's hiss Saradomin's hiss 67,196 -70,804 Commander Zilyana
Saradomin's murmur shard Saradomin's murmur shard 8,651 Saradomin's murmur Saradomin's murmur 122,516 -915,604 Commander Zilyana
Saradomin's whisper shard Saradomin's whisper shard 5,048 Saradomin's whisper Saradomin's whisper 75,586 -530,174 Commander Zilyana
Seers' ring shard Seers' ring shard 1,771 Seers' ring Seers' ring 59,027 -153,493 Dagannoth Prime
Seismic singularity shard Seismic singularity shard 614,723 Seismic singularity Seismic singularity 101,045,126 27,278,366 Vorago
Seismic wand shard Seismic wand shard 1,161,520 Seismic wand Seismic wand 159,965,174 20,582,774 Vorago
Shadow glaive shard Shadow glaive shard 31,556 Shadow glaive Shadow glaive 7,117,847 3,331,127 Gregorovic
Spectral sigil shard Spectral sigil shard 6,567 Spectral sigil Spectral sigil 514,214 -273,826 Corporeal Beast
Static gloves shard Static gloves shard 58,623 Static gloves Static gloves 1,462,850 -5,571,910 Automaton Guardian
Torva boots shard Torva boots shard 80,003 Torva boots Torva boots 16,852,737 7,252,377 Nex
Torva full helm shard Torva full helm shard 10,813 Torva full helm Torva full helm 4,667,509 3,369,949 Nex
Torva gloves shard Torva gloves shard 49,428 Torva gloves Torva gloves 3,981,719 -1,949,641 Nex
Torva platebody shard Torva platebody shard 207,472 Torva platebody Torva platebody 27,164,187 2,267,547 Nex
Torva platelegs shard Torva platelegs shard 130,001 Torva platelegs Torva platelegs 18,428,435 2,828,315 Nex
Tracking gloves shard Tracking gloves shard 61,271 Tracking gloves Tracking gloves 343,803 -7,008,717 Automaton Generator
Virtus book shard Virtus book shard 44,637 Virtus book Virtus book 2,951,166 -2,405,274 Nex
Virtus boots shard Virtus boots shard 36,804 Virtus boots Virtus boots 7,503,414 3,086,934 Nex
Virtus gloves shard Virtus gloves shard 17,814 Virtus gloves Virtus gloves 3,241,645 1,103,965 Nex
Virtus mask shard Virtus mask shard 33,891 Virtus mask Virtus mask 4,938,196 871,276 Nex
Virtus robe legs shard Virtus robe legs shard 54,319 Virtus robe legs Virtus robe legs 25,489,311 18,971,031 Nex
Virtus robe top shard Virtus robe top shard 41,827 Virtus robe top Virtus robe top 23,278,690 18,259,450 Nex
Virtus wand shard Virtus wand shard 12,503 Virtus wand Virtus wand 3,369,265 1,868,905 Nex
Wand of the cywir elders shard Wand of the cywir elders shard 188,865 Wand of the Cywir elders Wand of the Cywir elders 14,139,800 -8,524,000 Helwyr
Wand of the praesul shard Wand of the praesul shard 1,250,003 Wand of the praesul Wand of the praesul 1,389,052,209 1,239,051,849 Nex: Angel of Death
Ward of subjugation shard Ward of subjugation shard 215 Ward of subjugation Ward of subjugation 886,921 861,121 K'ril Tsutsaroth
Warrior ring shard Warrior ring shard 1,368 Warrior ring Warrior ring 43,240 -120,920 Dagannoth Rex
Zamorak hilt shard Zamorak hilt shard 2,496 Zamorak hilt Zamorak hilt 553,982 254,462 K'ril Tsutsaroth
Zamorakian spear shard Zamorakian spear shard 10,608 Zamorakian spear Zamorakian spear 1,083,502 -189,458 K'ril Tsutsaroth
Zaryte bow shard Zaryte bow shard 111,073 Zaryte bow Zaryte bow 9,491,967 -3,836,793 Nex

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