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Islwyn Cadarn is the grandson of Queen Glarial, who was the wife of King Baxtorian, making Islwyn Baxtorian's grandson as well; thus technically he is head of the Cadarn Clan and possibly the rightful Elven king. Upon completion of Roving Elves, he will sell players new Crystal equipment without the need of crystal seeds. He will sell players a new crystal bow for 900,000 coins or a new crystal shield for 750,000 coins. The "new" bow or shield can be traded until it is used once.

Islwyn can be found travelling with Eluned teleporting between the magic trees outside Lletya and the clearing north-east of Tyras Camp. Or by taking a charter boat to port Tyras, running north, going through a dense forest obstacle, then slightly east and south across a stick trap to reach the clearing.

Quests that feature Islwyn are the Roving Elves quest and Mourning's End Part 1 and 2. Islwyn is a member of the Cadarn Clan, and there is a book that is obtained from Golrie that tells the history of his family.




  • In keeping with the standard of using Welsh names for the elven lands, Islwyn is likely named after a town in southeastern Wales.
  • If you assume he and Eluned move every five minutes, and take into account that he lights a fire each time, you will find that he has lit approximately 956,000 fires since his release date. If they were normal logs, he would have accumulated approximately 38 Million Firemaking Experience.
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