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Irvig Senay chathead

Irvig Senay is a spectral skeleton and an enemy encountered during the Legends' Quest. He is required to be killed to collect a piece of the heart crystal. He attacks with melee and may only be fought once, unless the player kills Viyeldi, then Irvig along with San Tojalon and Ranalph Devere are summoned by Nezikchened during the final fight as backup.

He and the other two warriors had apparently perished while searching for the pure water source of the Kharazi Jungle spring, and haunt the Viyeldi caves where they died.


  • He, along with San Tojalon and Ranalph Devere, are references to the conquistator expeditions into the jungles of Central America, where Ponce de Leon searched for the mythical Fountain of Youth. The pure water source of the Kharazi jungle parallels this legendary fountain.

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