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This article is a strategy guide for Ironman Mode.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page.


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Ironman mode denies access to the Grand Exchange as well as trading with other players. This means many of the skilling supplies used have to be obtained by bossing or gathering. However, gold is still needed to cover instance fees, deposit money into the coffer for Managing Miscellania, purchase spirit shards for summoning, convert logs into planks, etc. It is recommended to unlock High Level Alchemy as quick as possible, and to unlock the ability to enter the nature altar as early as possible. Although the main source of money comes from high alching, many items such as rune arrows or rune javelins have a lower alch value. It is recommended to sell items like these to a general store.

A lot of the strategies in this guide are not useful in terms of account progression for a normal account, but instead catered to Ironman/Hardcore Ironman accounts. Quests play a big part in the early game, as many of experience rewards allow the player to jump multiple levels at a time. A lot of items that can be bought on regular accounts are locked behind a quest requirement. It is important to do quests as soon as possible so that many of the early levels are skipped.

Important starter questsEdit

Quest Rewards
Waterfall Quest 13,750 Attack and 13,750 Strength experience and 2 Diamonds + 2 Gold Bars.
Fight Arena 12,175 Attack and 2,175 Thieving experience.
Witch's House 6,325 Constitution experience
The Knight's Sword 12,725 Smithing experience.
Temple of Ikov 10,500 Ranged and 8,000 Fletching experience.
The Fremennik Trials Allows creation of skeletal, rock-shell, and spined armour.
In Search of the Myreque / In Aid of the Myreque Unlocks Temple Trekking for Silver bar, Bowstring, Watermelon seed and more.

Milestone questsEdit

Quest Rewards
Beneath Cursed Tides Unlock access to the Giant Oyster monthly D&D.
Lunar Diplomacy Lunar equipment
The Branches of Darkmeyer Unlock tier 70 non-degradable weapons, access to Darkmeyer, and a Darkmeyer disguise.
Deadliest Catch Unlocks deposit chests used for gathering supplies while skilling.
King's Ransom Unlocks Piety prayers and equivalent variants.
The World Wakes A plethora of rewards, including Sunshine, 8 experience lamps, and additional experience rewards, with more rewards if all the recommended quests are completed.
The Temple at Senntisten Unlocks Ancient Curses.
While Guthix Sleeps Tormented demons and 4 x 100,000 experience rewards.
River of Blood Unlocks an Augmentable Sunspear and blood essences.
Plague's End Access to Prifddinas and the Trahaearn exoskeleton set.
Sliske's Endgame 1,250,000 experience in skill(s) level 85 and above, and a set of skilling items.

Early money makingEdit

Skills such as Summoning and Construction require money to level efficiently. Other things, such as boss instances and Miscellania will also come in handy for the future. Some of the no-requirement money-making methods are going to be used here, as ironmen cannot access the Grand Exchange.

Mid-level money makingEdit

  • Slayer contracts are an excellent source of money and a small amount of slayer exp.
  • Gargoyles are a fantastic moneymaker, with many alchables, averaging 300,000 coins and over, along with noted bars, providing a good source of smithing experience, but requiring 75 slayer.
  • Aberrant spectres are a great source of seeds, herbs, and alchables.
  • Turoth are a fast slayer task, consisting of adamant alchables, herbs, seeds, and uncut gems.
  • Mountain trolls are a good source of nature runes for high alching, along with seeds, and occasionally a granite shield.
  • Aquanites are a good, constant source of medium to high level seeds, herbs, water battlestaves and occasionally sirenic scales.
  • Exiled kalphite guardians have a great Blue charm drop rate, along with many alchables and herbs.

Food and PotionsEdit

Food Potions
Cake Cake - Thieving stall south of Catherby bank. Antipoison (3) Antipoison (3) - Jiminua's Jungle Store 10 stock
Premade ttl Premade gnome food - Up to 1500 healing food from Gnome Waiter. 10 stock of each food. Antipoison++ (4) Antipoison++ Dropped 40 at a time from Corporeal Beast
TunaSwordfish - Cooked tuna and swordfish can be obtained from Managing Miscellania Super attack (1)Super strength (1)Super defence (1)Super ranging potion (1)Super magic potion (1) Super potion set (1) - Can be obtained from thieving Iorwerth and Cadarn clans in Prifddinas.
Desert soleCatfishBeltfish Desert sole, Catfish, and Beltfish - heal 1450, 1500, and 1650 respectively. Super attack (4)Super strength (4)Super defence (4)Super ranging potion (4)Super magic potion (4) Super potion set (4) - Bought from Mazcab Emergency Merchants 1 x stock of each, restocking once every 2 minutes.
Cooked eeligator Cooked eeligator 1850 healing food from Mazcab Emergency Merchants for 3750 coins each. Super restore (4)Summoning potion (4) Super restore (4) and Summoning potion (4) - Mazcab Emergency Merchants 3 x stock of super restores, 1 stock of summoning potions. restocking one potion every 2 minutes.
Tuna potato Tuna potato - Potato with butter from Rorarius, grow sweetcorn (seeds from Taverley Farming tutor), tuna from Managing Miscellania. Saradomin brew (4) Saradomin brew - Dropped from Nex in a 30:10 or 10:30 ratio in conjunction with super restores. Queen Black Dragon and Mature grotworms drop (2) dose Saradomin brews. Araxxi drops up to 18 Saradomin brew flask a kill.
Rocktail Rocktail - Dropped up to 10 at a time from Queen Black Dragon Overload flask (6) Overload flask - Can be obtained as a drop from Araxxi after the player has at least 90 herblore.


These are the recommended dailies for an ironman account:


Smithing-icon SmithingEdit

Superheat Form at concentrated gold is the standard method of training Smithing as an ironman. This should be done with perfect juju mining potion, goldsmith gauntlets, lava titan and an augmented crystal pickaxe, perked with
Honed 5 and
Furnace (perk)
Furnace 3
Extend adamant or runite ceremonial sword daily challenges.

Mining-icon MiningEdit

If you achieve 99 Smithing through means other than Living Rock Caverns, you can finish 99 Mining at seren stones or alaea crabs.

Prayer-icon PrayerEdit

Farming-icon FarmingEdit

Levels 1-47 - Nemi Forest. Alternatively, you can purchase seeds from Head Farmer Jones, up to strawberry.

Supercompost can be created from pineapples bought from Arhein's Store in Catherby, or picked from pineapple plants north of Karamja lodestone.
Grow any herb seeds you get, prioritizing herbs used in overload potions



Complete Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble as early as possible, putting 10 subjects into hardwood. Mahogany logs are more construction exp per day, but cost a lot more. If money is not an issue, it is highly suggested to pick mahogany. Converting mahogany logs into planks costs Coins 10000 155,500 more than teaks, but grant 1,470 more experience. After 114 Invention, mahogany logs can be converted to planks at a very small cost of divine charges, making mahogany logs a very viable option for every ironman that will get 114 Invention before 99 Construction.

Complete the Deadliest Catch and Monkey Madness Quests

Extend mahogany flatpack daily challenges.

Where to gather ingredients/itemsEdit

Seeds and Herbs Edit

Seed Sources
Avantoe seed 5 Avantoe seed Automatons, Edimmu, Vyres, Dark beasts
Cadantine seed 5 Cadantine seed Edimmu, Moss Golems, Kal'gerion demons, Turoth
Dwarf weed seed 5 Dwarf weed seed Araxxor, Barrows: Rise of the Six, Vyres
Fellstalk seed 5 Fellstalk seed Dark beasts, Mature grotworms, Aberrant specrtres
Irit seed 5 Irit seed Vyres, Dark beasts, Cave horror
Kwuarm seed 5 Kwuarm seed Automatons, Ice strykewyrms, Vyres, Dark beasts
Lantadyme seed 5 Lantadyme seed K'ril Tsustaroth, Exhiled kalphite marauders
Ranarr seed 5 Ranarr seed Vyres, Aberrant Spectres
Snapdragon seed 5 Snapdragon seed Vyres, Kalphite King, Dark beasts
Toadflax seed 5 Toadflax seed Vyres, Dark beasts
Torstol seed 5 Torstol seed Nex, Kalphite King, Vorago, Vyres, Queen Black Dragon
Herb Sources
Grimy avantoe Grimy avantoe Araxxi, Nex, Aberrant spectres, Vyres
Grimy cadantine Grimy cadantine Nex:AoD, Moss golems, Smoke nihils
Grimy dwarf weed Grimy dwarf weed Araxxor, Nex, Raids, GWD2
Grimy fellstalk Grimy fellstalk Farming, Divine Herb 3
Grimy irit Grimy irit Aberrant Spectres, Crystal Shapeshifters
Grimy kwuarm Grimy kwuarm Kalphite King, Aberrant Spectres, Crystal Shapeshifters
Grimy lantadyme Grimy lantadyme Helwyr, Araxxi, Beastmaster Durzag, Camel warriors
Grimy ranarr Grimy ranarr Vyres, Aberrant Spectres, Chaos Giants
Grimy snapdragon Grimy snapdragon Nex:AoD, Vyres, Kalphite King
Grimy toadflax Grimy toadflax Telos, Vyres, Crystal Shapeshifters
Grimy torstol Grimy torstol Nex, Araxxor, Vorago, Queen Black Dragon

Invention componentsEdit

Stores with a lot of armour and weapons in stock

Summoning IngredientsEdit


Mort myre fungus detail Mort myre fungus gatheringEdit

Collecting mort myre fungi

Collecting mort myre fungus

Deadliest Catch and Nature Spirit quest and Medium Morytania Tasks required
  1. Wield an ivandis flail/silver sickle (b) and Morytania legs 2, bring 2 prayer renewal flask/prayer flasks.
  2. Teleport to Morytania via fairy ring code BKR and running west, or by opening the gate south-west of Canifis and running south.
  3. Stand just south of the deposit chest in between the rotten logs (as pictured) and cast bloom.
The sickle and Ivandis flail can be keybound on the ability bar

This can be up to 2500 Mort myre fungus an hour.

Papaya fruit detail Papaya fruit gatheringEdit

Gathering papayas with fruitfall on Mazcab

The banker on Mazcab

Fruit bats are summoning familiars that require 69 summoning to create and summon

Papayas are used in creating adrenaline potions or for protecting palm trees.

  1. Create fruit bat pouchs, and convert some of them into scrolls.
It is recommended to create atleast 20 times more scrolls than pouches
  1. Teleport to Mazcab via Grouping System interface, Mazcab Teleport spell, or by simply walking to Wizard Chambers.
  2. Run to Kanatah (East) and stand near the banker (as pictured).
  3. Summon a fruit bat and cast fruitfall
  4. You can buy summoning potions to replenish summoning points
  5. Buying all the potions can be very useful for making extreme potions and ultimately overloads
Buying every potion from the shop costs 1,601,250 an hour

This can be up to 600 papaya fruits an hour.

This can be done at the same time as training other skills. It is recommended to dismantle, fletch, or create unfinished potions while casting Fruitfall.

Teak logs detail Cutting teak logsEdit

Cutting a teak tree on Ape Atoll

Cutting a teak tree

Deadliest Catch and Monkey Madness quest required, as well as 35 Woodcutting. It is highly recommended to have the highest tiered hatchet available to you.
Alternative to Deadliest Catch, the Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion log-banking bonus can be used instead.
  1. Bring a hatchet, preferably an augmented crystal hatchet with Refined and Polishing perks
  2. A beaver familiar with extra pouches (and super restore), decorated woodcutting urns, lumberjack clothing and lumberjack aura are also very helpful.
  3. After a full inventory, run to the bank chest and deposit the logs. The area running back to the trees is a straightway allowing full surge capability.
  4. There is a small chance that you will cut a special teak log. Two of these special teak logs can be exchanged to a sawmill operator (bring noted) along with 27 normal teak logs for 27 teak planks, for free.

A teak tree grants 85 Woodcutting and 90 Construction experience per log cut.

Vyrelord Killing vyresEdit

Vyrelords and vyreladies (Soul Split) strategy location

Possible locations of stray vyres marked in red.

Vyres are essential to an ironman account, as it is a great supply of Herblore supplies and money, as well as combat, Prayer, Firemaking, Farming (with seedicide), and Invention experience.

For lower levels

  1. Equip a Blisterwood weapon or Sunspear and your Darkmeyer disguise.
  2. Find and kill stray vyres (possible locations marked by red squares).
  3. Stand in the middle of the 3 vyres that spawn east of the tree.
  4. Prioritise AoE abilities such as hurricane (melee), bombardment (range), and dragonbreath (magic).
  5. It is recommended to enable auto-retaliate and area looting

For free prayer and health restoration, you can run to the bank and prayer altar to the north.

This method is around 85,000 prayer experience an hour.

For higher levels

Killing vyrelords and vyreladies

Where to stand when killing the vyres

These experience rates are assuming Soulsplit and Morytania legs 4 are used

  1. Set up your seedicide to crush seeds like belladonna seeds, poison ivy seeds, and cactus seeds. Other seeds are optional.
  2. Stand on the tile north-west of the tree as pictured (this is so all 6 vyres can reach you).
  3. Prioritise AoE's such as corruption blast or hurricane.
  4. It is recommended to enable auto-retaliate and area looting.
It is important to not move from the square. In order to pick up loot, drop an item below you and area loot your item back, along with surrounding loot.
This method is around 320,000 Prayer experience an hour.
Holy overload potion (6)Prayer potion (4)Prayer potion (4)Small rune pouch
Spring cleanerEnhanced ExcaliburDrakan's medallionSeedicide
Recommended EquipmentEdit
  • Sunspear (melee) Augmented Sunspear - Cheap, hybrid, augmentable, easily replaceable and the highest tier weapon for vyres make this a popular choice for Invention training and mid-level slayer.
  • Berserk blood essence Berserk blood essence - good pocket slot item for boosting offensive stats, used before overloads.
  • Holy wrench Holy wrench - main pocket slot item while slaying, for preserving prayer and super restore potions.
  • Morytania legs 4 Morytania Elite Tasks - 50%+ increase in Prayer experience
  • Corruption auraSalvation auraHarmony aura Corruption, savation, and harmony auras - Every 500 prayer experience gained, 3-10% (depending on tier) of prayer points are restored.
  • Perks -
    Aftershock 3
    Precise 5
    Scavenging 3
    Biting 3
Fire and Nature runes in rune pouch for high alchemy

Decorated fishing urnCreating decorated urnsEdit

Urns can be a great way of augmenting skilling experience per hour, and a recent update to the Ithell Voice of Seren allowed the soft clay rock to never deplete, allowing quick soft clay gathering. Additional items and bonus's such as Bracelet of clay, Varrock armour 4, and Perfect juju mining potion allow even greater yield to soft clay. The potion has a 10% chance of spawning a stone spirit, and when spawned, automatically sends the soft clay to the bank for the next 30 seconds. An additional ore is sent to the bank, ranging from copper to runite, runite being the rarest. On top of banking for 30 seconds and an extra ore, charges for the bracelet of clay are not consumed. It is recommended to bring 10 bracelets with you, and dropping any soft clay you get with your action bar, only keeping the soft clay that has been sent to the bank.

This can be up to 4000 soft clay an hour, and depletes about 10 bracelets of clay.

After the soft clay has been gathered, it is now time to create urns. Down below is a calculator, which will tell you approximately how many urns you need to create for the inputted goal level (automatically set to 99). The calculator does not take into account any bonus experience you may have, such as a skilling outfit or the wise perk.

It is highly recommended to make Cooking, Fishing, Runecrafting, Farming and Woodcutting urns first before any other urns.

Urn calculatorEdit

The calculator form will appear here soon. You will need Javascript enabled and cannot be using the mobile version of the Wiki. If you are on a mobile device, you can load the full version of the site by clicking here.
The result will appear here when you submit the form.

Type in any skill level and you will see a list of all the highest tiered urns and the amount needed to achieve your goal level.

Protoleather bodyDungeoneering CraftingEdit

Up to 100k Crafting experience an hour along with 100k Dungeoneering experience (rates for 99+ dungeoneering), with some experience in a multitude of skills such as Woodcutting, Fishing, Fletching, Summoning and combat. It is recommended to buy the Scroll of dexterity as early as possible to save hides while doing this method.

  1. Start a complexity 6 small floor and complete the dungeon while picking up drops, cutting trees, fishing, opening the chests, and infusing/high alching summoning pouches. Cookie-cutter: F1-30 c6 small and 30+ c6 med.
  2. Gather as many rusty coins as possible. This is to purchase Protomastyx hide from the Smuggler
  3. Purchase some thread and Protomastyx hide. Craft Protoleather bodies and sell them to the Smuggler. Repeat until you no longer have enough rusty coins to continue crafting. Alternatively, High Level Alchemy can be used to get more rusty coins per body than selling to the Smuggler, but this is a much slower process than selling a full inventory at once and requires having nature runes.
  4. Upgrade your ring of kinship into the artisan variant, which gives a chance of saving resources while skilling, with gatherer, which gives a chance of gaining resources as a secondary.
Training dungeoneering as an ironman is different than a main, because as an ironman you want to maximise free experience gain
The hide can be keybound to the ability bar speeding up the process of crafting a large quantity of hides at a time.


  • Pathfinder jacketPathfinder equipment, obtained from following the Path. Potentially the best gear you'll have for many levels.
  • Warpriest of Tuska cuirass (75)Tuska warpriest, obtained from the Tuska Comes minigame. This is hybrid armour and can, once having the matching defence level, be changed from level 25 armour, to level 50 and 75. The minigame also gives some nice experience to a variety of skills.
    • Warpriest of Armadyl cuirass (75)Warpriest armour is also a hybrid armour dropped by monsters in the God Wars Dungeon. It also acts as a god item, protecting a player from the aligned faction in the dungeon.
    • Ghost hunter body (70)Ghost hunter equipment, this is a hybrid armour dropped by ghosts (list here) It scales with level up to level 70.
  • Skeletal topFremennik armour, made from the raw materials dropped by monsters in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon. This is power armour, and is potentially the best armour until God Wars Dungeon. The Fremennik Trials quest is required to wear the armour.
  • Superior skeletal topSuperior Fremennik armour from deathmatch, a tier-65 d2d variant of Fremennik armour, excellent for higher tier monsters like generals in the God Wars Dungeon.
  • Bandos chestplateGod Wars Dungeon armour (Armadyl equipment, for example). This armour is almost best in slot for most purposes. It's the highest level power armour that doesn't degrade.
This is a table of viable capes for an ironman, in order of worst to best. For a more complete list see Capes.
Combat styles
AttributeStyle bonus
Pathfinder capePathfinder capeZero weakness icon--400---
Bladestorm drapeBladestorm drapeMelee weakness icon--4001--
Arrowstorm drapeArrowstorm drapeRanged weakness icon--400-1-
Spellstorm drapeSpellstorm drapeMagic weakness icon--400--1
Ardougne cloak 1Ardougne cloak 1Zero weakness icon--702777
Jerrod's capeJerrod's capeZero weakness icon--700999
Ava's attractorAva's attractorRanged weakness icon-301300-9-
Ardougne cloak 2Ardougne cloak 2Zero weakness icon--1103999
Cape of legendsCape of legendsZero weakness icon--1100131313
Ardougne cloak 3Ardougne cloak 3Zero weakness icon--1604151515
Obsidian capeObsidian capeZero weakness icon--1600171717
Ava's accumulatorAva's accumulatorRanged weakness icon-502500-17-
Lunar capeLunar capeMagic weakness icon40602900--21
Quest point capeCape of accomplishmentZero weakness icon--3300212121
Ava's alerterAva's alerterRanged weakness icon-503300-26-
Fire capeFire capeMelee weakness icon--250226--
Abomination capeAbomination capeMelee weakness icon75-500028--
Guthix capeGuthix capeMagic weakness icon-602500--31
TokHaar-Kal-KetTokHaar-Kal-KetMelee weakness icon--440241--
TokHaar-Kal-XilTokHaar-Kal-XilRanged weakness icon--4402-41-
TokHaar-Kal-MejTokHaar-Kal-MejMagic weakness icon--4402--41
Max capeMax capeZero weakness icon99994405262626
Completionist capeCompletionist capeZero weakness icon9999653006434343
Magic Weapons
This is a brief list of viable options for ironmen. For a full list see Weapon/Magic weapons.
Melee Weapons
This is a brief list of viable options for ironmen. For a full list see Weapon/Melee weapons.

The beginning tier of weapons can be skipped after completing Waterfall Quest, which rewards enough experience to level your Attack and Strength to level 30 if done at level 1.

Ranged Weapons
This is a brief list of viable options for ironmen. For a full list see Weapon/Ranged weapons.

Boss strategiesEdit

Ironmen can't purchase most of their equipment so they may kill bosses outside of the recommended stats and gear. To make up for this, different strategies are sometimes used.

Dagannoth RexEdit

Out of all the Dagannoth Kings, Dagannoth Rex is the easiest to safe-spot. This makes it possible for lower levels to get easy kills. His notable drops are, warrior ring, berserker ring, some pieces of rock-shell armour, and mithril plateskirt which is used for clue scroll (medium). Not only those drops, but all Dagannoth Kings drop dragon hatchet, and dagannoth hide.

Dagannoth Rex safespot

Dagannoth Rex safespot example with labels.

Recommended gear

To start a Dagannoth Kings instance, it's recommended to use the fastest spawn speed as only one of the Kings is to be killed. Upon entering the instance, quickly move to spot 1, surging along the way. Attack Dagannoth Rex when he spawns with Combust, and move back into spot 1, wait, and use Resonance to heal off his first, and hopefully only successful hit. Move into spot 2 once Rex is in range, indicated by his hitting the player. Kill him without worry, as the other Kings won't come into attack range. Once Rex is dead, collect the loot and either wait in the complete safety of spot 2 for around 10 seconds then move to spot 1, or move directly into spot 1. Either way, before Rex spawns again, use Regenerate to convert your remaining adrenaline into health, or stall your adrenaline for the next kill by killing the minions in the water or using Anticipation, Freedom, and Preparation. If done right you shouldn't end up using any food besides the occasional agro by one of the other two Kings. If that does happen, it's advised to quickly exit via the entrance while using protect from ranged, or protect from magic if the more damaging, Dagannoth Prime happens to attack on the way out.

Kiting BossesEdit

Kiting Beastmaster Durzag

A player kiting Durzag

Kiting is when you run away from a melee-based opponent being out of reach of the target, resulting in them being unable to attack you. This is most effective when used at bosses that only melee, but still can be used on bosses that attack with multiple styles. An under-geared Ironman would want to do this because it allows them to continue to kill a boss for extended periods of time with minimal supply use, albeit slower kills due to the inability to take full advantage of abilities such as Sunshine or Asphyxiate. Popular bosses to kite as a low level Ironman are:

Beastmaster Durzag's primary method of attacking is by throwing melee punches and slams, increasing enrage to the aggression holder if multiple hits are dealt. He can also send range attacks to many of the players in the arena, including to the person holding aggression if the beastmaster can't hit them, but these attacks do not increase enrage. A player can take advantage of this by running around the arena to substantially decrease the enrage stack gain. If the player has not been hit by a melee attack for more than 15 seconds, the enrage resets back to 0. This allows a single player to tank Beastmaster Durzag for a long period of time without the need of a backup tank.

Recommended gearEdit

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