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This article is about the clan. For the leader of the clan, see Iestin Edern.
Iorwerth Clan
Iorwerth standard
Iorwerth Clan location

The Iorwerth Clan is one of the eight elven clans that inhabit Tirannwn. Their former leader, Warmaster Lord Iorwerth, is the initiator of the Elven Civil War due to conquering Prifddinas and seizing the Tower of Voices and the Grand Library, denying access to the city to non-Iorwerth elves. The civil war, which has caused the deaths of thousands of elves, is the reason for the Iorwerth Clan being regarded as an enemy to elven society. Although they were initially followers of Seren, the loyalty of the Iorwerths swayed to the Dark Lord under the leadership of the former Lord Iorwerth.

They are skilled melee fighters and have a long tradition of slayers. They are located south west of the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas, off the southern path.

At least one other elven family, the Edern, are under auspices of the Iorwerth Clan.


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Butterfly (Iorwerth)

A butterfly found in the Iorwerth Clan district at Prifddinas.

Like the other seven clans, the Iorwerths arrived to Gielinor with the crystal goddess Seren in the First Age. There, each clan aided in the construction of Prifddinas from elven crystal and received its own crystal tower connected to the Tower of Voices in one eighth of the city.

Throughout the Second and Third Ages, Tirannwn remained a safe haven as the territories east of the Galarpos Mountains suffered under various wars, mostly due to Seren's guidance and the efforts of the Cadarn Clan, who defended the lands. At the end of the God Wars, Seren was forced to leave Gielinor by Guthix and thus shattered herself in millions of crystal seeds so that she could remain with her people. After the Break Out, the militant Cadarn Clan departed from Tirannwn to escape their isolation and build an empire east of the Galarpos.

With most of the military gone, the Iorwerth Clan, led by Lord Iorwerth, conquered Prifddinas at an unknown point during the Fourth Age. Many elves died and the remaining clans had to flee into the forest of Isafdar to escape death. They are still hiding in camps like Lletya. In 1930, the Cadarn Clan found out about the civil war due to the report from Adwr, a scout who was sent into Tirannwn as a result of the Great Divide. King Baxtorian Cadarn launched a campaign to liberate Tirannwn and oust the Iorwerths from power. His efforts culminated in the Battle of Prifddinas in 1934 or '35, which saw his defeat. The Cadarn Clan retreated to their eastern kingdom only to find it ravaged. Baxtorian "buried himself beneath a waterfall" in grief of his lost wife, and the leaderless Cadarn ventured westwards as rebels.

The Iorwerths maintained their grip over the elven lands, even though Prifddinas was been reverted to crystal seed form by its Elders. They formed the Prifddinas Death Guard to dig to the death altar in order to use its power to speed the return of their Dark Lord, although their plans were thwarted in 169 of the Fifth Age, unbeknownst to them. They were allied with King Lathas Ardignas of East Ardougne, although they intend to betray and discard him.


Elf city teaser - Iorwerth clan chained hellhounds

The Iorwerth slayer master Morvran, watching over Rush of Blood with chained hellhounds beside him.

The Iorwerth Clan are most infamous for their conquering of Prifddinas and the murders of thousands of elves in the Elven Civil War and subsequent conflicts. Aside from that, they appear to be a powerful military force, having defeated the Cadarn Clan, who are generally regarded as the most superior elven warriors, although they did have certain advantages. They are allied with King Lathas, using his bitterness over sharing his throne with his brother to gain control over West Ardougne. They followed Seren before switching allegiance to an entity known as the Dark Lord, revealed to be a corrupted, death-obsessed shard of Seren. Enemies include King Tyras Ardignas and his army, the other seven elven clans (most notably the Cadarn Clan).

Iorwerths are clad in sturdy but versatile dark, forest green armour with pointed headwear and broad, pointy shoulderpads. Their boots and bodies are partially brown, however. Elfs from Iorwerth Clan favour melee combat. They use crystal halberds or dual crystal daggers in close combat during battle.

Features of the clan districtEdit

Iorwerth area

Part of the Iorwerth Clan district.

  • Iorwerth workers to pickpocket at 91 Thieving can be found scattered around the district.
  • Iorwerth scouts and Iorwerth guards to fight against can be found scattered around the district.
  • The Iorwerth herald can be found within the clan tower, and sells the Clan Iorwerth cape.
  • Morvran, a slayer master requiring at least 85 Slayer and a combat level of 120 can be found in the north-eastern part of the district. Morvran assigns the same tasks Kuradal assigns, with some unpopular tasks removed (such as living rock creatures) and the addition of elves. He can also extend the number of creatures assigned and can assign his Hall of Fame challenge.
    • Completing 8 dark beast tasks assigned by Morvran will unlock the "of the Iorwerth" title.
    • Rush of Blood, a weekly D&D run by Morvran where the player must survive endless waves of monsters for ten minutes, can be accessed by going down the cage next to Morvran. It includes four difficulty levels with different requirements for each difficulty. This D&D unlocks a number of titles.
      • You can obtain a one-time Slayer XP lamp worth 50,000 Slayer XP by completing wave 20 in any difficulty on a trial or reward run of Rush of Blood.
  • A small obelisk to recharge Summoning points can be found next to Morvran.
  • The Iorwerth Manor is found in the south-western part of the district, which contains Iestin Edern and a number of features:
    • A crystal chest with an improved drop table in comparison to the chest in Taverley.
    • An altar that recharges prayer points and gives a persistent boost to Attack, Strength, and Defence while in Prifddinas. Once the player leaves Prifddinas, the following notice is received: "Your boost from the Clan Iorwerth altar has been reset."

Known Iorwerth elvesEdit

Lord Iorwerth

Lord Iorwerth, former leader of the Iorwerth Clan.

Iorwerth symbols concept art


  • Iorwerth is a common Welsh surname which translates to "Fair lord" or "Handsome lord".
  • The capturing of Prifddinas by the Iorwerth Clan could be a reference to the capturing and unification of Wales, particularly Gwynedd, in the early 13th century. This conquest by Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, also known as Llywelyn Fawr.
  • This clan unlocks the most titles in Prifddinas upon the release of the first batch.

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