Inventor's workbench

Inventor's workbenches are pieces of interactive scenery found in a selection of locations across Gielinor. They have two options: Discover and Manufacture. Discover allows players to create blueprints for new devices or research certain components or concepts. Manufacture allows players to use their stored components to create new devices and equipment.

Attempting to use the Inventor's workbench in the Invention Guild for the first time will direct players to talk to Doc, if they haven't already.


Inventor's workbenches can be found in 7 locations throughout the game, though the Invention Guild location is by far the most commonly used. The bench in Seers' Village is the closest to a lodestone. The bench in Keldagrim is the closest to a consistent teleport (excluding a max guild skill portal), being very close to the Keldagrim teleport of Luck of the dwarves.

Inventor's Workbench Locations
Location Map
In the house with the furnace, west of the church.
Inventor's workbench (Ardougne) location
On the ground floor in the north-western part of the city, in Oldak's laboratory.
Inventor's workbench (Dorgesh-Kaan) location
Invention Guild
North-east of Falador's northern gate.
Inventor's workbench (Guild) location
On the ground floor in the western part of the palace.
Inventor's workbench (Keldagrim) location
Seers' Village
In the building that holds the entrance to the elemental workshop.
Inventor's workbench (Seers' Village) location
In the building with the anvils, south of the western bank.
Inventor's workbench (Varrock) location
In the hut with the anvils next to the bank
Inventor's workbench (Yanille) location

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