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Invention Guild
Invention Guild entrance
Release date 25 January 2016 (Update)
Location North-east of Falador
Members only Yes
No. of stores/banks 1
Required level 1 Invention
Invention Guild entrance location
Invention Guild flag

The Invention Guild is located north-east of Falador, immediately south-west of the entrance to the Dwarven Mine and north of the Gamers' Grotto entrance. An Invention level of 1 is required to enter the guild.

Players have access to a Human divination workshop with an Inventor's workbench at level 1, and then choose between a Cave goblin tech tree and workshop, and a Dwarven tech tree and workshop at level 40.

Currently, only the workshop at the front of the guild is accessible, although additional access to the guild, for inventors of a certain level, will be added in a future update. The Invention Guild will be unique in that the player is to be the guild master, directing the construction of machines and decorations similar to the system in a player-owned house and player-owned port.

Beast of Burden inventory is not accessible while in the guild.




  • There are unreleased modifications for the hand cannon found on top of the crane, by the well near Doc, and on the shelves in the machine area of the guild.

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