Release date 24 August 2015 (Update)
Members? Yes
Level 77
Spellbook Ancient
Type Unknown edit
Experience 80
Runes 2Soul rune2Earth rune3Air rune
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Intercept is a Seren spell that allows a player to take damage, including typeless damage, intended for another player for 10 seconds, with the damage reduced by 5%. It can be cast on an unlimited number of players. The protected player must have accept aid on.

The distance from the caster to the receiving player cannot exceed 16 squares; meaning that if the caster is on square 0, there can be at most 15 empty squares, and then the receiving player on square 16.

Barricade will nullify all redirected damage.

It is not possible to cast Intercept while the player is Intercepted by another player.

If the receiving player uses Onslaught, Intercept will not block the recoil or any other attacks they take.

This spell cannot be used in Fist of Guthix, or Castle Wars.

Spell costEdit

2Earth rune3Air rune2Soul rune959
Combo runes
2Soul rune3Dust rune2,635
3Air rune2Soul rune2Mud rune2,095
3Air rune2Soul rune2Lava rune2,099
2Earth rune2Soul rune3Smoke rune2,948
2Earth rune2Soul rune3Mist rune3,206
2Earth rune2Soul runeStaff of air872
3Air rune2Soul runeMud battlestaff919
3Air rune2Soul runeStaff of earth919
2Soul runeElemental battlestaff832
3Air rune2Soul runeMystical staff (75)919
3Air rune2Soul runeLava battlestaff919
2Earth rune2Soul runeAvernic wandTome of frost872